Retention of faculty member's files

  • If a faculty member resigns, then Computer Science Computing Facility (CSCF) will keep his/her files on-line for one year after the resignation date (unless the faculty member requests early deletion).  After one year, the files will be deleted, with a 30-day notice given to the former faculty member.  Faculty members who resign will be given a reminder of this policy immediately upon resignation. 
  • If a faculty member retires or otherwise leaves without resigning, then CSCF will keep his/her files for 10 years following whichever is the latest of: date that files were last accessed, date that faculty member last contacted CSCF, or date that faculty member passed away.  After the first year of those 10 the files will be moved from on-line to an inaccessible archival storage area.  During the period of archival storage, the files may be accessed by request to CSCF only by the faculty member or the chair/director of the faculty member's former department/school.  After the 10-year period, the files will be deleted.  If possible, the faculty member will be given a 30-day notice of deletion.

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