CSCF Web Application Dev in Spring 2024

We are excited to tell you more about the co-op position for developing web applications in CSCF (Computer Science Computing Facility).

We offer you the chance to work on real-world projects that make a real difference for our campus users.

co-op Jamie at her workstation with two displays and ergonomic chair

Photo of former co-op Jamie Grove at her workstation. She is currently working at SNOLAB

Some CSCF co-op projects include

  • a web application used to hire faculty members
  • the exam management system used across campus to administer exams and assign seats
  • the graduate admission system used across the Math Faculty
  • our Inventory system, which integrates our equipment database with monitoring, campus DNS, and machine-room mapping
  • we worked with Science Computing to help implement
Meeting of 9 CSCF folk around a board-room table
CSCF Research staff (at left); Special Projects staff Isaac Morland and Daniel Allen (at right)

Who we are

  • CSCF is 24 full-time staff in various technical roles to keep computing environments running for Computer Science
  • Within CSCF, you'll be working in the group for "Research and Special Projects".
  • We're hiring two co-ops, reporting to Daniel Allen and Isaac Morland, who are CSCF software developers.

Your position

  • writing well-designed, testable, efficient code in one or more of (python, js, PHP) with SQL.
  • you'll be adding, improving, fixing features in one or more projects
  • may involve tracking down subtle bugs
  • largely independent work

Your projects

  • depend on CSCF priorities for the term
  • we will give you smaller projects at the beginning of term, with time to learn
  • later in the term, we hope to have you working on larger pieces of the project
  • we will support you proposing new project ideas that fit our priorities

Your work environment 

  • We will supply you with a workstation, your choice of Ubuntu or MacOS, and whatever other tools you need.
  • We currently work partly on campus and partly from home.
  • You'll have a shared office in the Davis Centre, with access to a quiet lunch-room and nearby Timmy's.
  • We have a 7-hour work-day (not including lunch) and 35-hour work-week, with flexibility
    • for example, let your supervisor know and you can take a day off and make up the time before or after

Collaboration and keeping in touch

  • In general we have "core hours" that we are all available- 10am-3pm
  • We use Microsoft Teams for remotely working together (chat, video meetings, screen-sharing)
  • We document all our work in Request Tracker and git check-ins

Work Term dates

  • We'll use the co-op suggested dates of May 6 - August 23, 2024, but these are open to change if you need to start later (or possibly want to end earlier or later.)


Work Term 1 Work Term 2 Work Term 3 Work Term 4 Work Term 5 Work Term 6
$21.25 $23.85 $26.80 $28.80 $31.02 $33.60