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Welcome to the CS 137 Resources Page! For now, this site is a quick one stop access to videos and content I have made for CS 137 at the University of Waterloo. This course is an introductory C programming course. If you are a fellow instructor (at this or another institution) and would like a copy of the notes please let me know (these notes were made in LaTeX using the listings package). I also have a set of clicker questions that I used in this course which I am also happy to share. Please email me at cbruni@uwaterloo.ca.


All the best and happy learning!

Carmen Bruni


Build Package For Sublime Text Editor.


All builds


First, big thanks to Sang Jun Bak for giving me these files and instructions and allowing me to use them. The following instructions should get things to work on either system. Jun also gave me a file for multiple builds as well (I've only included the Mac version - you can modify the attached code for Windows and Linux users). I've zipped the contents and they can be downloaded here. I can only confirm that the Mac ones work - if you find an error (and fix it!) please let me know.


To use the build packages first download gcc (mingw.org for Windows users),
  • Go to "Tools->Build System->New Build System" in Sublime
  • Copy and paste the code from my files
  • Proceed to save it as a ".sublime-build" file in the correct directory, which is usually the default save directory in Sublime. (I know on a Mac it is in "/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/User" and this is similar for Linux and Windows users).
Note that you could also just move hte files into the correct directory and that also would work. For the Mac build, Jun included a "C_Multiple" build. "C_Multiple" is a separate build system for projects with a header and main file. To try it, use the following format:
  • Save "function.c", "function.h", and "main.c" in the same folder and compile/build from "function.c".
  • Make sure "function.c" and "function.h" have the same prefix and the main file is called "main.c".
Archived Lecture and Learning Outcomes.


Syllabus for 2017


Learning Outcomes


Lectures for the course:


Lastly, this is a huge problem set I left for my students to help them practice for the final exam. I do not have solutions to these problems. 100+ problems
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