Linux printing

There are a lot of Twiki pages we've created for configuring printing under Linux. I will attempt to gather some of them here.

School of Computer Science Standard PCs with Ubuntu

Laptop wireless access to printers

End User Links

  • DirectPrintingOnLinux - direct to printer printing under Linux - recommend for those having issues with any CUPS printers
  • CupsOnLinux - Configuring Printing
    • The really easy way to get all of the CS printers setup on your Linux system.
      • Warning - although easy to setup you will not be able to cancel jobs out get detailed notifications when errors occure
    • Notes: If your machine has been provided by CS these steps will have been done for you already.
      • However if not setup by CS; it will also show you how to add all of the CS printers (just 5 lines added to the cups config file!)
  • HowDoIPrint

Administrative Links

-- LawrenceFolland - 28 April 2009 (DRH)

How to Print to PDF in UBUNTU LINUX

  1. Key element is to setup the output directory in /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf
  2. for explicit details see url:
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