-- MikeGore



  • DS2 is part of the CS active directory - email your CS point of contact to have accounts created



Console Access

  • root from cscf.cs
  • cscf-adm from the university network - 2015 version


  • userid: cscf-adm (2015 version)
Note: LOM port is disabled via ONA when not in use

LOM from Windows

IPMI View utility - Linux

  • Provides: remote console and power managment of ds2.cs
  • Notes: See IPMI for Ubuntu Linux utility
  • lom-ds2.cs
  • Access: cscf-adm - password in safe - 2015
  • Documentation: TWIKI page IPMI
  • Start IPMI View utility
  • All LOM interfaces live on network 172.19.96
    • Start IPMI View Search* using addresses
    • Save the LOM interfaces the utility finds
    • OK to exit
  • Double click on lom-ds2.cs address - on left hand side under IPMI Domain
  • Login: cscf-adm - password in safe - 2015
  • Open KVM Console
  • Open the "Soft Keyboard* so you can send special characters that your local OS may intercept


  • shutdown -h now


  • reboot


RAID controller

  • LSI MegaSAS 9260 disk controller
    • Enclosure 252

Encluser info

  • MegaCli -EncInfo -aALL
          Number of enclosures on adapter 0 -- 1
          Enclosure 0:
          Device ID                     : 252
          Number of Slots               : 8
          Number of Power Supplies      : 0
          Number of Fans                : 0
          Number of Temperature Sensors : 0
          Number of Alarms              : 0
          Number of SIM Modules         : 1
          Number of Physical Drives     : 8
          Status                        : Normal
          Position                      : 1
          Connector Name                : Unavailable
          Enclosure type                : SGPIO
          FRU Part Number               : N/A
          Enclosure Serial Number       : N/A 
          ESM Serial Number             : N/A 
          Enclosure Zoning Mode         : N/A 
          Partner Device Id             : Unavailable
          Inquiry data                  :
             Vendor Identification     : LSI     
             Product Identification    : SGPIO           
             Product Revision Level    : N/A 
             Vendor Specific           :                     

_ List all drives

  • MegaCli -PDList -aALL

Silence AlarmA

Monitor Rebuild

  • MegaCli -PDRbld -ShowProg -PhysDrv[252:04] -aALL Rebuild Progress on Device at Enclosure 252, Slot 4 Completed 37% in 174 Minutes. Exit Code: 0x00

RAID Health Monitoring

Nagios Scripts

  • /usr/local/bin/disk-stats - no options - modified Nagios perl script reports disk array status
       OK - VirtualDrives=1, Degraded=0, Offline=0, PhysicalDevices=9, Disks=8, CriticalDisks=0, FailedDisks=0, MemoryCorrectableErrors=0, MemoryUncorrectableErrors=0

SMART Health check

  • /usr/local/bin/smart-stats
       root@ds2:/usr/local/bin# smart-stats
       Serial number: 9WM42V1N0000C125CCH8
       SMART Health Status: OK
       Serial number: 9WM4TRM700009135XXTV
       SMART Health Status: OK
       Serial number: 9WM447WN0000C13214PR
       SMART Health Status: OK
       Serial number: 9WM4V3LX00009135X4YB
       SMART Health Status: OK
       Serial number: 9WM42TQT000091275Z7P
       SMART Health Status: OK
       Serial number: 9WM43CWT00009131MMC0
       SMART Health Status: OK
       Serial number: 9WM452XP00009124TU12
       SMART Health Status: OK
       Serial number: 9WM52T4F00009135XMR9
       SMART Health Status: OK

Nagios Scripts

  • /usr/local/bin/disk-stats - lists drive serial numbers via smartctl - part of smartmontools

MegaCli Utility

Disk Hardware and Inventory Section

  • MegaCli64 -PDList -aALL

List All drive serial Numbers

  • MegaCli64 -PDList -aALL | grep "Inquiry Data"
       root@ds2:/usr/local/bin# MegaCli64 -PDList -aALL | grep "Inquiry Data"
       Inquiry Data: SEAGATE ST32000444SS    00069WM42V1N            
       Inquiry Data: SEAGATE ST32000444SS    00069WM4TRM7            
       Inquiry Data: SEAGATE ST32000444SS    00069WM447WN            
       Inquiry Data: SEAGATE ST32000444SS    00069WM4V3LX            
       Inquiry Data: SEAGATE ST32000444SS    00069WM42TQT            
       Inquiry Data: SEAGATE ST32000444SS    00069WM43CWT            
       Inquiry Data: SEAGATE ST32000444SS    00069WM452XP            
       Inquiry Data: SEAGATE ST32000444SS    00069WM52T4F    


   oot@ds2:~# parted -l
   Model: SMC SMC2108 (scsi)
   Disk /dev/sda: 12.0TB
   Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
   Partition Table: gpt

   Number  Start   End     Size    File system     Name  Flags
    1      1049kB  1000MB  999MB   ext4            BOOT
    2      1000MB  97.0GB  96.0GB  linux-swap(v1)
    3      97.0GB  12.0TB  11.9TB  ext4            ROOT


SMART drive tools

See Raid Monitoring Section

  • Package: smartmontools
  • Config: /etc/smartd.conf


  • apt-get install fetchmail postfix


  • Denyhosts



  • apt-get install sshfs
  • See: SshFs
  • add everyone to the fuse group

Other Software

Legato Backup


Ubuntu Install and Update Scripts

  • Used to install/update packages to current CSCF standard
  • sudo bash
  • rsync -a cscf-adm@asimov:/coregroup1/images/ubuntu-scripts .
  • ./updates

Software List as of Install Date 5 Dec 2011


This section was created on: Mon Dec 5 10:02:13 2011
WARNING DO NOT EDIT THIS TEXT - created using the updates2twiki script

Update sources.list to mirror.cs

   # The new mirror site we want to use
   # Updating the Apt Repository Sources to use the CS sponsered local mirror 
   sed_file "s/..\.archive.ubuntu.com/$MIRROR/" "$APT"
   # Update Package list 
   apt-get -y -q update >/dev/null 2>&1
   apt-get -y -q install aptitude

Add mozilla repo so users can get the latest firefox if they want

   add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable
   add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/thunderbird-stable
   apt-get -y -q update >/dev/null 2>&1

Add medibuntu Repository

   wget --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/`lsb_release -c -s`.list
   apt-get -y -q update >/dev/null 2>&1
   apt-get -y -q --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring 
   apt-get -y -q update >/dev/null 2>&1
   apt-get -y -q install app-install-data-medibuntu \

Add Wine Repository

   add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

Add cononical Repository

   add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ `lsb_release -c -s` partner"
   apt-get -y -q update >/dev/null 2>&1

Install wine

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install wine

Multi-Media Base Support

   # Multimedia Sound and Video
   # This will creaqte a conflict with 
   #  libavutil-extra-50: Conflicts: libavutil50 
   #  libavcodec-extra-52: Conflicts: libavcodec52 
   # See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1672755
   # And: https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.natty-ffmpeg/+merge/50932
   echo Answer Y to:
   echo      Keep the following packages at their current version:
   echo 1-      'libavcodec52 [Not Installed]'
   echo 2-      'libavutil50 [Not Installed]'
   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  w64codecs non-free-codecs \
      app-install-data-medibuntu apport-hooks-medibuntu

Multimedia main

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install   aacgain aacplusenc alsa-firmware \
      ices \
      pulseaudio pulseaudio-module-zeroconf \
      pulseaudio-utils libdvdcss2 libdvdcss-dev mencoder mplayer mplayer-doc \
      realplayer totem totem-common totem-gstreamer totem-mozilla \
      totem-plugins vlc vlc-plugin-pulse


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  chromium-browser firefox thunderbird \
      chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-nonfree \
      ca-certificates ca-certificates-java


   # or flashplugin-nonfree
   aptitude -q --with-recommends install flashplugin-installer

Google Earth

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install googleearth-package

SSH and Remote Host Access

   # See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS
   # See: https://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/twiki/view/CF/SshFs 
   aptitude -q --with-recommends install openssh-server sshfs openssh-client \
      openssl sshmenu-gnome hotssh 

SSH with local CS known h"> Update SSH with local CS known hosts

   # Note: currently these ssh_known_hosts* files are updated regularly three times per month.
   wget -q -O /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts \
   wget -q -O /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts2 \

Remote Desktop Utils

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  xtightvncviewer xvnc4viewer vino \
      vinagre xrdp

System Testing and Monitoring

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  cpudyn sensors-applet cpuburn \
      fancontrol hdparm hwinfo laptop-detect lm-sensors lshw \
      notification-daemon notify-osd notify-osd-icons pm-utils \
      smartmontools testdisk sysstat iotop
   # ntop requires a web interface and admin password
   # So do we want this ?
   # aptitude -q --with-recommends install  ntop

Compilers and Development

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  build-essential fakeroot gdb \
   make patch git rcs subversion subversion-tools 

Java,Perl,Python,TCL,TK Computer Languages

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install openjdk-6-jdk openjdk-6-jre \
      java-common java-wrappers perl perl-base perl-modules perlmagick \
      python tcl tk

OCAML Computer Languages

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install ocaml ocaml-base ocaml-base-nox \
      ocaml-compiler-libs ocaml-findlib ocaml-interp \
      ocaml-native-compilers ocaml-nox ocaml-batteries-included \
      ocaml-core ocaml-findlib-wizard ocaml-libs ocaml-mode \
      ocaml-tools ocaml-ulex ocaml-ulex08 ocamldsort ocamlduce \
      ocamlduce-base ocamlgraph-editor ocamlmakefile ocamlviz \
      ocamlwc ocamlweb ocaml-book-en ocaml-doc

Sun Java

   aptitude -y -q install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin

File System Utils

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install reiserfsprogs ntfs-3g ntfsprogs \
      rsnapshot rsync lvm2 mtools smbclient smbfs fuse-utils \
      dosfstools chkconfig debsums diffutils findutils lsof
   # For fuse users how what to access their sshfs share when becoming root
   # edit /etc/fuse.conf and uncomment user_allow_other

Graphics and scanners

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  f-spot gimp gimp-data gimp-help-common \
      gimp-help-en gscan2pdf imagemagick sane sane-utils transfig xsane \
      xsane-common unpaper


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install   dvd+rw-tools brasero brasero-common \
      cdparanoia cdrdao dvd+rw-tools


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install   usb-creator-common \
      usb-creator-gtk usbmuxd


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install bzip2 gzip bzip2 gzip \
      p7zip-full p7zip-rar unzip zip cpio tar cabextract 


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  vuze tracker tracker-search-tool \
      transmission-common transmission-gtk

Speech CODICs

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install \
      libopencore-amrnb-dev libopencore-amrnb0 libopencore-amrnb0-dbg \
      libopencore-amrwb-dev libopencore-amrwb0 libopencore-amrwb0-dbg

Speech Synth

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install \
      speech-dispatcher brltty-speechd cl-speech-dispatcher \
      gnome-speech-swift libgnome-speech-dev libgnome-speech7 \
      speech-dispatcher-festival speech-dispatcher-flite \
      speech-tools speech-tools-doc speechd-el 


   echo gizmo5 may not exist - ignore the error
   aptitude -q --with-recommends install gizmo5 skype 


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install   dc bc units mathpiper \
      apcalc apcalc-common apcalc-dev calcoo extcalc python-mpmath \
      python-mpmath-doc rpncalc 
   # Do we want the science-numericalcomputation
   # package ?
   # The science-mathamatics package create WAY WAY too many conflicts 
   # science-mathematics science-mathematics-dev 


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install   mysql-client \
      sqlite sqlite3

PDF Utilities

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install acroread \
      acroread-common acroread-fonts  \
   # PDF utils
   aptitude -q --with-recommends install evince pdfedit gscan2pdf \
      pdf2djvu pdf2svg pdfchain pdfcube pdfgrep pdfjam pdfmod \
      pdfposter pdfsam pdfshuffler pdftk pod2pdf qpdf
   # XPDF breaks cups
   # xpdf xpdf-common xpdf-reader xpdf-utils 
   # Non Existant
   #acroread-plugins acroread-fonts acroread-dictionary-en 
   # acroread-l10n-en mozilla-acroread 

\[Libre\]Office Environmet

   # Install Office - depending on version
   RELEASENO=`lsb_release -rs`
   if compare_ge $RELEASENO 10.04
           echo Installing LibreOffice 
           apt-get install libreoffice \
           libreoffice-writer2latex libreoffice-writer2xhtml \
           libreoffice-pdfimport libreoffice-wiki-publisher \
           libreoffice-emailmerge libreoffice-evolution \
           libreoffice-java-common libreoffice-filter-mobiledev \
           libreoffice-mysql-connector libreoffice-sdbc-postgresql
           echo Installing OpenOffice
           echo apt-get install openoffice,org \
           openoffice.org-writer2latex openoffice.org-writer2xhtml \
           openoffice.org-pdfimport openoffice.org-wiki-publisher \
           openoffice.org-emailmerge openoffice.org-evolution \
           openoffice.org-java-common \
           openoffice.org-filter-mobiledev \
           openoffice.org-mysql-connector openoffice.org-sdbc-postgresql


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  gedit gedit-common \
           gedit-dev gedit-developer-plugins gedit-latex-plugin gedit-plugins


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  emacs23 \
      emacs23-bin-common emacs23-common emacs23-el


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  vim vim-common vim-dbg \
      vim-doc vim-gnome vim-gui-common vim-runtime vim-tiny \
      vim-addon-manager vim-gtk vim-latexsuite \
      vim-nox vim-scripts vim-syntax-gtk vim-vimoutliner vim-puppet

Misc Editors

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install gedit groff-base less nano tomboy 


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  ghostscript gv ps2eps antiword


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install aspell aspell-en dictionaries-common


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install acct adduser


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install gnupg
   # TODO Denyhosts - need to get whitelists and updated config files
   # aptitude -q --with-recommends install

Tex and LaTex

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  \
      texlive texlive-base texlive-bibtex-extra texlive-common \
      texlive-doc-base texlive-doc-en texlive-doc-fr texlive-extra-utils \
      texlive-font-utils texlive-fonts-extra texlive-fonts-extra-doc \
      texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-fonts-recommended-doc  \
      texlive-generic-recommended texlive-humanities-doc \
      texlive-lang-all texlive-latex-base texlive-latex-base-doc \
      texlive-latex-extra texlive-latex-extra-doc  \
      texlive-latex-recommended texlive-latex-recommended-doc \
      texlive-luatex texlive-math-extra texlive-metapost-doc \
      texlive-pictures texlive-pictures-doc texlive-pstricks \
      texlive-pstricks-doc texlive-publishers  \
      texlive-publishers-doc texlive-science texlive-science-doc \
      texlive-formats-extra texlive-full texlive-games  \
      texlive-generic-extra texlive-humanities texlive-latex3 \
      texlive-metapost texlive-music texlive-omega texlive-plain-extra \
      texlive-xetex texlive-binaries latex-beamer  \
      biblatex biblatex-dw latex-make latex-mk \
      latex2html latex2rtf latex2rtf-doc latexdiff latexdraw \
      writer2latex writer2latex-manual \
      texpower texpower-manual texpower-examples \
      context  \


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install ncurses-base ncurses-bin


   #see  CF.UbuntuEmail
   echo Leave unconfigured local mail only for now
   aptitude -q --with-recommends install bsdmainutils bsdutils postfix


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install virtualbox


   aptitude -q --with-recommends install msttcorefonts ttf-mscorefonts-installer ttf-liberation x-ttcidfont-conf 

Remove insecure services

   aptitude -y -q purge telnet rsh-server rsh-client

Add Standard Shells

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install bash dash csh ksh tcsh zsh zsh-doc

Setup /xhbin, Some scripts expect those shells to be in /xhbin

   mkdir /xhbin 
       ln -s /bin/bash /xhbin 
       ln -s /bin/dash /xhbin 
       ln -s /bin/csh /xhbin 
       ln -s /bin/ksh /xhbin 
       ln -s /bin/sh /xhbin 
       ln -s /bin/tcsh /xhbin 
       ln -s /bin/zsh /xhbin 
   # LDAP login needs this
       ln -s /bin/false /xhbin 

Setup ntp

   # Make sure the NTP package is installed on your host
   backup /etc/ntp.conf
   aptitude -q --with-recommends install ntp ntpdate
   # Install the CSCF ntp.conf file (if you're on the UW campus network):
   # sudo wget https://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/cscf/software/ntp/etc/ntp.conf -O /etc/ntp.conf
   wget -q https://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/cscf/software/ntp/etc/ntp.conf -O /etc/ntp.conf
   # Restart ntp:
   /etc/init.d/ntp restart
   # You can check that it is working with:
   ntpq -p

DHCP Client update

   # RT79425
   # Trevor Grove
   OPTION="option domain-search code 119 = string;"
   # dhclient.conf moves location between 10.04 and 11.04
   DHCONF=`find /etc -type f -name dhclient.conf`
   if [ -f "$DHCONF" ]
      if grep "$OPTION" "$DHCONF" >/dev/null 2>&1
         echo $OPTION - ALREADY EXISTS 
         echo "option domain-search code 119 = string;" >> "$DHCONF"
      echo dhclient.conf file does not exist!

Setup SNMP

   # Backup snmp files only once
   backup /etc/snmp/snmp.conf
   backup /etc/default/snmpd
   aptitude -q --with-recommends install snmpd
   # Install the CSCF SNMP configuration files:
   wget -q https://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/cscf/software/snmp/etc/snmp/snmpd.conf -O /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
   wget -q https://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/cscf/software/snmp/etc/default/snmpd -O /etc/default/snmpd
   # Restart SNMP
   #  You will get a "warning/error" "Bad group id: snmp" until after the host is added to the AD domain.
   /etc/init.d/snmpd restart

Setup Network Services Caching Daemon

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install nscd

Purge insecure services

   # We don't want clear text passwords being used for network connections
   aptitude -y -q purge telnet rsh-server rsh-client

Setup Cups

   aptitude -q --with-recommends install  cups cups-pdf
   pushd /etc/cups
   # backup cupsd.conf only once
   backup /etc/cups/cupsd.conf 
   wget -q https://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/twiki/pub/CF/UbuntuImageCreation/cupsd.conf -O /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
   /etc/init.d/cups restart
   # Note - it will take some time to have the printers show up so we will move setting the
   # default to the end of the script

Add recommened packages

   apt-get -y -q --install-recommends dist-upgrade

Setup Samba - but with local only config for now...

   # Setup Samba with local Host only access
   aptitude -y -q install samba
   # Configure local samba with vmware access
   # backup smb.conf only once
   # If you want SAMBA to be available to external hosts update the *interfaces* line 
   # to read: =interfaces = lo vmnet* eth*=
   if [ ! -f /etc/samba/smb.conf ]
      backup /etc/samba/smb.conf
      wget -q https://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/twiki/pub/CF/UbuntuImageCreation/smb.conf -O /etc/samba/smb.conf

Install Uwdir

   aptitude -y -q install ldap-utils ldapscripts ldapvi
   wget -q https://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/twiki/pub/CF/UbuntuImageCreation/uwdir -O /usr/local/bin/uwdir
   chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/uwdir

Install Krbros and LDAP utils - needed for AD

   apt-get -y -q install krb5-user libnss-ldap libpam-krb5 libpam-foreground 
   # krb5-user gets installed by Claytons script
   # apt-get -y -q install krb5-user 

Create sysmlinks for /u../u9 to /home

   for i in u u1 u2 u3 u4 u5 u6 u7 u8 u9
           if [ -L /$i ]
                   echo Symlink /$i exists
                   ls -l /$i
                   if [ -d /$i ]
                           echo Directory /$i exists
                           ln -s /home /$i
                           ls -l /$i

Setup Host Name Resolving Service.

   wget -q -O /tmp/resolv.conf https://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/cscf/software/ubuntu/UW-CS-GradPC/etc/resolv.conf && mv -f /tmp/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf

Install LC

   cd "$HDIR"
   pushd lc
   make clean
   make install 

set default printer to lj_csgrad

   # Set the default printer last to give time for the printer list to update
   lpadmin -d lj_csgrad


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