Legato Client Installation notes

See Legato Install Notes for Windows

Restoring Files

IST download links

Backup servers

  • Update /nsr/res/servers adding backup.cs.uwaterloo.ca

Windows 7

  • Updated 27 Feb 2015 Mike Gore


Installation Summary from installation guide notes

  • Download Location: http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/download/networker/current/index.html
  • Right Click on the download file and pick run as administrator
    • You may see a warning from your SEP Antivirus software because the file was downloaded
      • this is not an infection warning - just a waning that it does not know how you got the file.
    • Language setup - > Next
    • Customer Information ( fill in your name and University of Waterloo) -? Next
    • Firewall window -> Pick Configure the Windows firewall -> Next
    • Installation type CLient
    • Pick default install location
    • Finish/Install Program
    • Specifying the list of trusted servers
      • Enter a server name -> backup.cs.uwaterloo.ca -> Add
      • Enter Server Name -> backup-0.cs.uwaterloo.ca -> Add
      • Next -> OK

Networking updates

  • Unfortunately the way Legato does name resolution it will fail to resolve the backup server names and the short name of your computer.
  • Updating Windows hosts files
    • Start Menu -> Programs -> Assessories -> Right Click on MS DOS Command Prompt -> Run as administrator -> OK
    • cd \Windows\Systems32\drivers\etc\hosts
    • You will need to know the hostname of your machine - for example we will use scspcxyz.cs.uwaterloo.ca below
    • nslookup scspcxyz.cs.uwaterloo.ca - write down the ipaddress - we will use
    • notepad hosts
      • Append these two lines
        • backup.cs
        • backup-0.cs
      • Append your host IP address and short hostname without any domain specs.
        • scspcxyz

Windows 7 Legato Configuration

  • Make sure you pick the backup drives you really want to backup!
    • Open Start Menu -> Programs -> Networker User
      • Pick only permanent drives like C: - uncheck all other drives not intened for backup

Ubuntu and Debian Users

Updated 22 Jan 2014

Ubuntu Release Specific Notes

  • Ubuntu 10.10 now has a recover command that can undelete files and conflicts with the Legato install



DEB Package method

22 Jan 2014
  • We are still using the RPM method because they include MAN pages

RPM method using alien to convert to DEB package

*22 Jan 2014*/images/rawiso/linux_utils/

libstdc++5 on Ubuntu 10.04LTS

Redhat users install notes

22 Jan 2014

SUSE 10 users install notes

22 Jan 2014
  • zypper install openmotif (you need this)
  • Follow the Redhat user install notes
  • Note: I think it is safe to ignore the error grep: /etc/syslog.conf: No such file or directory

TCP wrapper settings

If you use TCP wrapper security add the following configuration


  • ALL: backup.cs.uwaterloo.ca

Firewall issues

  • IF you use a firewall add backup.cs and backup.math to your rule set

Ubuntu Shorewall rule (allow TCP7937-9936 from backup.cs)

* ACCEPT net: $FW tcp 111,7937:9936

MAC Ports

  • OSX, TCP ports 7937-7939 and 10001-10100 should be sufficient.

Redhat Firewall

If you use a firewall you need to read this
Manual Method
  • Update firewall by editing /etc/sysconfig/iptables place these lines before COMMIT
          -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -p tcp -s -j ACCEPT 
          -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -p tcp -s -j ACCEPT 
  • Using GUI Tool For the firewall, use the GUI tool * "system-configure-securitylevel" [desktop--system--security level](run it from the commandline if you must).
      • It writes the file /etc/sysconfig/system-config-securitylevel, which you can modify under the covers if necessary.
      • The GUI syntax is a comma-delimited list of port:protocol pairs, eg 22:tcp for SSH
      • The syntax in the file is one rule per line, of the form "--port=nnn:prot", eg "--port=22:tcp" opens SSH.
  • Note that for the GUI you will have to know the system's root password, or run the command from the commandline via sudo.

Mac OS X client installation

  • download nw_macosx.pkg on your desktop.
  • Rightclick nw_macosx.pkg -> Open
    • Use all defaults
  • Open Terminal
    • Finder -> Terminal
  • Become root
    • sudo bash
  • echo backup.cs.uwaterloo.ca >/nsr/res/servers
  • echo backup-0.cs.uwaterloo.ca >>/nsr/res/servers
  • /bin/launchctl stop com.emc.NetWorker
  • Update Firewall to permit access
    • /usr/bin/nsrports -S 7937-7941
  • /bin/launchctl start com.emc.NetWorker

Excluding files from backup

See also Legato Directive File Examples

  • Create a file called .nsr in the root (ie /.nsr ) of your file system
  • See man 5 nsr
Example from Fedora Core 3 Machine
# For details on syntax see: man 5 nsr 
# =============================================================
# Skip Kernel file systems - /proc,sys    ... etc
# =============================================================
# Skip kernel /sys file system
<< ./sys >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip kernel /dev/pts file system
<< ./dev/pts >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip kernel /dev/shm file system
<< ./dev/shm >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip kernel /proc file system
<< ./proc  >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip /proc/bus/usb file system
<< ./proc/bus/usb >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc file system
<< ./proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs file system
<< ./var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs >>
   skip: .?* *

Startup Scripts

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