Legato Client Installation notes

See Legato Install Notes for Windows

Restoring Files

IST download links

Backup servers

  • Update /nsr/res/servers adding backup.cs.uwaterloo.ca

Windows 7

  • Updated 27 Feb 2015 Mike Gore


Installation Summary from installation guide notes

  • Download Location: http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/download/networker/current/index.html
  • Right Click on the download file and pick run as administrator
    • You may see a warning from your SEP Antivirus software because the file was downloaded
      • this is not an infection warning - just a waning that it does not know how you got the file.
    • Language setup - > Next
    • Customer Information ( fill in your name and University of Waterloo) -? Next
    • Firewall window -> Pick Configure the Windows firewall -> Next
    • Installation type CLient
    • Pick default install location
    • Finish/Install Program
    • Specifying the list of trusted servers
      • Enter a server name -> backup.cs.uwaterloo.ca -> Add
      • Enter Server Name -> backup-0.cs.uwaterloo.ca -> Add
      • Next -> OK

Networking updates

  • Unfortunately the way Legato does name resolution it will fail to resolve the backup server names and the short name of your computer.
  • Updating Windows hosts files
    • Start Menu -> Programs -> Assessories -> Right Click on MS DOS Command Prompt -> Run as administrator -> OK
    • cd \Windows\Systems32\drivers\etc\hosts
    • You will need to know the hostname of your machine - for example we will use scspcxyz.cs.uwaterloo.ca below
    • nslookup scspcxyz.cs.uwaterloo.ca - write down the ipaddress - we will use
    • notepad hosts
      • Append these two lines
        • backup.cs
        • backup-0.cs
      • Append your host IP address and short hostname without any domain specs.
        • scspcxyz

Windows 7 Legato Configuration

  • Make sure you pick the backup drives you really want to backup!
    • Open Start Menu -> Programs -> Networker User
      • Pick only permanent drives like C: - uncheck all other drives not intened for backup

Ubuntu and Debian Users

Updated 15 Feb 2022 Mike Gore

Ubuntu Release Specific Notes


Updated 15 Feb 2022 Mike Gore

DEB Package method

22 Jan 2014
  • We are still using the RPM method because they include MAN pages

RPM method using alien to convert to DEB package

*22 Jan 2014*/images/rawiso/linux_utils/

libstdc++5 on Ubuntu 10.04LTS

Redhat users install notes

22 Jan 2014

SUSE 10 users install notes

22 Jan 2014
  • zypper install openmotif (you need this)
  • Follow the Redhat user install notes
  • Note: I think it is safe to ignore the error grep: /etc/syslog.conf: No such file or directory

TCP wrapper settings

If you use TCP wrapper security add the following configuration


  • ALL: backup.cs.uwaterloo.ca

Firewall issues

  • IF you use a firewall add backup.cs and backup.math to your rule set

Ubuntu Shorewall rule (allow TCP7937-9936 from backup.cs)

* ACCEPT net: $FW tcp 111,7937:9936

MAC Ports

  • OSX, TCP ports 7937-7939 and 10001-10100 should be sufficient.

Redhat Firewall

If you use a firewall you need to read this
Manual Method
  • Update firewall by editing /etc/sysconfig/iptables place these lines before COMMIT
          -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -p tcp -s -j ACCEPT 
          -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -p tcp -s -j ACCEPT 
  • Using GUI Tool For the firewall, use the GUI tool * "system-configure-securitylevel" [desktop--system--security level](run it from the commandline if you must).
      • It writes the file /etc/sysconfig/system-config-securitylevel, which you can modify under the covers if necessary.
      • The GUI syntax is a comma-delimited list of port:protocol pairs, eg 22:tcp for SSH
      • The syntax in the file is one rule per line, of the form "--port=nnn:prot", eg "--port=22:tcp" opens SSH.
  • Note that for the GUI you will have to know the system's root password, or run the command from the commandline via sudo.

Mac OS X client installation

  • download nw_macosx.pkg on your desktop.
  • Rightclick nw_macosx.pkg -> Open
    • Use all defaults
  • Open Terminal
    • Finder -> Terminal
  • Become root
    • sudo bash
  • echo backup.cs.uwaterloo.ca >/nsr/res/servers
  • echo backup-0.cs.uwaterloo.ca >>/nsr/res/servers
  • /bin/launchctl stop com.emc.NetWorker
  • Update Firewall to permit access
    • /usr/bin/nsrports -S 7937-7941
  • /bin/launchctl start com.emc.NetWorker

Excluding files from backup

See also Legato Directive File Examples

  • Create a file called .nsr in the root (ie /.nsr ) of your file system
  • See man 5 nsr
Example from Fedora Core 3 Machine
# For details on syntax see: man 5 nsr 
# =============================================================
# Skip Kernel file systems - /proc,sys    ... etc
# =============================================================
# Skip kernel /sys file system
<< ./sys >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip kernel /dev/pts file system
<< ./dev/pts >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip kernel /dev/shm file system
<< ./dev/shm >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip kernel /proc file system
<< ./proc  >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip /proc/bus/usb file system
<< ./proc/bus/usb >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc file system
<< ./proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc >>
   skip: .?* *
# Skip /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs file system
<< ./var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs >>
   skip: .?* *

Startup Scripts

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