CSCF Active Directory


  • ADForestLayout - Structure of the CSCF Active Directory Forest.
  • ADDnsConfiguration - Special DNS Configuration for CSCF Active Directory.
  • ADMigrationPath - The Building of the CSCF Active Directory and the Moving of CS Users and Computers into It.
  • ADPasswdSync - Explains how the Unix and Windows passwords are made identical only when user changes passwd on Unix side
  • ADDisasterRecovery - Restoration Strategy in the event the CSCF Active Directory is Whole or Partially Destroyed.
  • ADDelAuth - Delegation of Authority Standards and Practices.

Integration of PaperCut (uPrint) Campus Printing Environment

Integration of Macintosh Authentication and Management into Active Directory

  • ADMacInteg - "Golden Triangle" Method Without Active Directory Schema Extensions
  • ADAppleExt - Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory Apple Schema Extensions

Authentication of Computers Against the CSCF Active Directory

Linux to CS AD

    • ADAddUbuntu - Account Management on Ubuntu Linux (pre-Hardy) using the CSCF Active Directory.
    • ADAddUbuntuHardy - Authenticating using CS AD in Ubuntu 8.04
    • SettingUpADGradPCs - Lawrence's notes for taking a standard grad PC (x2gen10/Ubuntu 10.04) and setting it up to use our AD
    • ADAddUbuntuScripts - Authenticating an Ubuntu system with the CS AD using Clayton/Mike's scripts

Macintosh to CS AD

  • ADAddMac - How to Authenticate a Macintosh system as a member of the CSCF Active Directory.

Solaris to CS AD

  • ADAddSolaris10 - How to Authenticate a Solaris 10 System as a Member of the CSCF Active Directory.

Windows to CS AD

  • ADAddWindows - How to Authenticate a Windows system as a member of the CSCF Active Directory.

Establishing a Secure Account Master Key Between Host and Domain.

  • ADLdapS - How to enable LDAPS on an AD domain controller
    • ADLdapSPasswd - How set user passwords over a secure LDAP connection
  • ADKerberosPrincipals - How to create Kerberos principals (for Unix-based services) in Active Directory

Integration of Services into the CSCF Active Directory

  • ADAddSamba - How to Authenticate a SAMBA system as a member of the CSCF Active Directory.
    • ADAddSambaNexus - How to Authenticate a SAMBA system as a member of the NEXUS Environment.
    • ADAddFreeBSDSamba - How to build and configure a FreeBSD SAMBA server for CSCF Active Directory.
  • ADAddKrb5NFS - How to Mount Kerberized NFS Shares as a member of the CSCF Active Directory.

Windows 2008 Server Development

Thoughts Concerning The Planning Of A Campus-Wide Directory Service

Thoughts On Task Force Report


  • ADaMnge - Basic Workstation Management In The CS-GENERAL domain.
    • Applicable to other domains in the CSCF AD Forest.
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