Recent research projects

Multigrid Methods for Solving PDEs

Multigrid Methods for Second Order Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman and Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman-Isaacs Equations

Multigrid Methods for Systems of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Multigrid for Convection-Diffusion Equations

Phase Error Analysis of Multigrid for Hyperbolic Equations

Multigrid for Irregular Interface Problems

Medical Image Processing and Simulations

Segmentation of Bright Field Cell Images

A Multiscale Graph Cut Approach to Bright-field Multiple Cell Image Segmentation using a Bhattacharya Measure

Reconstruction of Incomplete Cell Paths through a 3D-2D Level Set Segmentation

Inviscid Model for Nonrigid Image Registration

Real-Time 2D-3D Medical Image Registration using RapidMind Multi-Core Development Platform

A Continuous Model for Reducing Interpolation Artifacts in Mutual Information based Rigid Image Registration

Simulating Mechanism of Brain Injury During Closed Head Impact

Numerical Study of a Viscoelastic Model for Hydrocephalus

Computational Finance

Low-bias Simulation Scheme for the Heston Model by Inverse Gaussian Approximation

Robust Numerical Valuation of European and American Options under the CGMY Process

Parallel Quasi-Monte Carlo Approach to Pricing American Options on Multiple Assets

Simulation of Natural Phenomena

Scientific Visualization of the Dynamics of Auroral Phenomena

Simulation of Plant Leaf Growth

Rigid Body Explosions

Simulation of Tornado Dynamics