Topics in Database Systems: main/in-memory database systems

CS 848, Waterloo, Spring '16

  Instructor:   David Toman (
  Lectures:     Wed 3:30-6:20 DC 2568
  Office:       DC 3344, x34777 by appointment
  Class Info:

Course Description and Objectives

This course will focus on trends in main-memory (or in-memory) database systems (IDMS) and on the ramifications of the availability of large main memories in modern computer systems.

It will be run as a seminar course, meaning that we will be reading and discussing papers.

Schedule (tentative):

Reading List:


Preferred projects will be related to applying (some) of the ideas presented in this class to your own area of research: this can further your own research and may help you to consider alternative views/approaches to what you have been thinking about already.

  1. project proposal: one page due Lecture 6;
  2. project presentation: 20-25 minutes (depending on the number of projects) in Week 9-11;
  3. report (in pdf, up to 10 pages), source code (if applicable) within a week of last Lecture

If you don't see any relation to your own research, here are a few alternative options.


  • class participation, including assignments (20%)
  • in class presentation of a paper from the reading list (35%)
  • project presentation and delivery (45%)