Topics in Database Systems: main/in-memory database systems

CS 848, Waterloo, Spring '16


While topics and thus the presentations will differ, there are some general guidlines for presentations. Note that this just as guide and it is not necessary to blindly follow it to the letter.
  1. Summary of paper: Explanation of main ideas (in your own words), Examples
  2. Critique: Is this a real problem? Is the solution comprehensive or are there exceptions?
  3. Competition: What do other researchers/products do?
  4. Future: How can the approach be extended/new ideas
For every paper/group of papers
  1. one person will be the presenter (see guidlines above), and
  2. everyone else will submit 2-3 questions on the papers to be presented in advance (i.e., by Tuesday midnight before class to

Reading list

  1. Old Papers (Week 3, presented by myself):
  2. NoSQL
  3. Systems
  4. Architecture, Data models, and Algorithmic Issues:
  5. Column Stores:
  6. Concurrency at al.:
  7. Partitioning of Data: