-- MikePatterson - 16 Dec 2004

Like QuadraSargeUpgrade, but tumbo has two disks. So we'll RAID them together if we can - nope, we can't. We'll also back up ssh keys first.

so mkdir ~mpatters/tumbo && cd /etc/ssh && cp -a key ~mpatters/tumbo/, then verify - yup.

We'll have 2 x 36gb disks, sda1 and sda2. 4GB of RAM.

/ 6gb
swap 1.75gb
swap 1.75gb
/fsys1 remainder

swap 1.75gb
swap 1.75gb
/fsys2 remainder

We've already changed the hostname.

  1. Mount /u from mudge and copy hostkeys back.
  2. Remove exim4 packages and install walter versions.
  3. userdel Debian-exim and cscfadm.
  4. Install ntpdate, then date against cscf.cs.
  5. apt-get install rsh-client rsh-server
  6. adduser --home /software/accounts/home --shell /bin/csh --no-create-home --uid 1000 --gid 103 --disabled-login accounts
  7. change crontab group to none (since it's uid 101) - I don't like this. Perhaps mudge should have been upgraded first. smile
  8. create xhier tree.
  9. edit fstab and mount -a -t nfs (regional gets mounted, good).
  10. change master for tumbo to debian31 on cscf and dist2 xhier to debian31.
  11. create /root/.?hosts.
  12. verify rsh tumbo.cs works from debian31.cscf (yup).
  13. debian31: xh-first-time -v tumbo.cs

And now I run into the same problem I did on quadra initially: it does the first bit of xh-first-time, but doesn't complete and then refuses to xh-anythingelse. (but rsh'ing in still works.) Try it 2 or 3 times and it mysteriously works again, for real.

  1. xh-install xhier
  2. xh-install mfcf-basics
  3. xh-install os-extras (all 3 clean)
  4. xh-local-maintenance (clean)
  5. debian31: xh-dist2 tumbo.cs cf-specific cscf-specific
  6. whoah, I was going to fix order in /etc/group and a bunch of groups had automagically appeared, it's already in order
  7. debian31: xh-dist2 tumbo.cs accounts accounts_client
  8. xh-local-maintenance
  9. xh-install mfcf-misc, then termcap, termcap_arch, tcsh-6.11, termcap_progs, filetools
  10. dist and install graveyard
  11. install setpw, then fix /software/setpw/data/config/setpw.server
  12. install accounts, then accounts_client
  13. xh-local-maintenance (clean)
  14. cscf.cs: accounts-client host=mudge.math

Now we have accounts and such.

  1. debian31: xh-dist2 tumbo.cs man nameserver pine_config resolv-config security service-request watform
  2. Fix xhier_maintainer and xh-install xhier.
  3. xh-local-maintenance (fairly clean)
  4. quadra: "dpkg --get-selections > quadrapkgs" in /u/mpatterson
  5. dpkg --set-selections < quadrapkgs
  6. /software/debian-1/maintenance/apt-get -uf --fix-missing dselect-upgrade
  7. fix /etc/ssh/sshd_config to allow X11 forwarding
  8. test xspin (works)
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