Rename newscg.cs to scg.cs

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Current situation

  • (Old machine) scg.math:
    • mx -> mx102.cs
    • cn ->

  • (New machine) newscg.cs:
    • mx -> mx102.cs
    • cn ->

Desired scenario

  • (Old machine) scg.math: 129.97.7.??
    • mx -> mx102.cs
    • mx oldscg.cs -> mx102.cs
    • cn -> oldscg.cs -> scg.math

  • (New machine) scg.cs:
    • mx -> mx102.cs
    • cn ->
    • cn: newscg.cs -> scg.cs
    • A: scg.cs

Overview of revised plan

After some discussion, we've decided not to rename scg.math, just create a Cname "oldscg.cs" to point to scg.math. scg.math will get renumbered to the .7 subnet. We will rename "newscg.cs" to "scg.cs"


Before change-over date

Change TTL in DNS down to 5 minutes (300 seconds) (should be done at least 24 hours before changeover)

  • newscg.cs - done
  • scg.math - needs higher permissions

Update mx102.cs to accept mail on behalf of scg.math, scg.cs, oldscg.cs and newscg.cs

  • 2006/06/26 - Bill did this, although we decided not to bother with newscg.cs and oldscg.cs since they have never handled mail anyhow by that name. In any case, it will handle the Cnames
  • Note: until today, scg.math was handling it's own mail!

Change MX record for scg.math to be handled by mx102.cs

Change-over day

Initial Preparation

  • Ensure all users are off the systems (scg.math and newscg.cs)
  • Create an /etc/nologin file on each machine to keep users off
    • echo "System down for maintenance" > /etc/nologin

Disable Xhier access

  • remove xhier hosts from rhosts (on both machines) - or just newscg.cs??? will scg.math need to change "Admin" regions?

Remove packages from distribution on newscg.cs / scg.math (if necessary)

  • how??

Rename and renumber

  • renumber scg.math
    • in DNS, change/edit IP address to a new 129.97.7.xx address (requires priviliged DNS access)
    • run the renumber utility (see: XhierRenumberRename ) for some details
    • add Cname to point oldscg.cs -> scg.math
  • rename newscg.cs to scg.cs
    • see: XhierRenumberRename
    • in DNS, change A record from newscg.cs to scg.cs
    • add Cname newscg.cs -> scg.cs
    • add mx scg.cs -> mx102.cs
    • move Cname "" to point to scg.cs

Fix switch port settings

  • Fix switch port for scg.math and set it to Vlan 7
    • dccore-hpsw54 port 40

Re-enable xhier access to the distribution hosts

  • how??
  • run xh-local-maintenance to clean everything up?

Test machine

  • login, try things

Update /etc/motd and provide status of changeover

Renable login access

  • rm /etc/nologin

Contact users, have them test the machines

Change TTL settings back

  • Set TTL on scg.math and scg.cs to 86400
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