Xhier Renumber/Rename a machine

See also ChangeXhierIrixHostname. ST#54572 is the primary motivation for this.

Xhier steps

  • Look in /software/xhier/data/access-rights
    • This tells you what servers control the various regions
  • Comment out xhier hosts in root rhost file of target machine
  • On Arch Master - look under /software/xhier,dev/data/{client-requests,client-types,distfiles}
    - These are built from remote machine

Renumber Script

Note You want the waterloo-network package installed - it has a renumber command.

Create a renumber_mappings file:
blackshadow.math blackshadow.cs

This particular host is a bit tricky, because it thinks its hostname is blackshadow, not blackshadow.math. Except DNS was backwards to that. I'm trying to fix that too.

Note: this file seems to take any pair of strings, changing any occurrence of string1 to string2. So, if you're just renumbering, but not renaming, you should be able to have a file like:

Run renumber:

# renumber -m renumber_mappings 
No match
renumber FYI: /etc/defaultrouter needs to be changed
Index: /etc/defaultrouter
renumber FYI: /fsys1/.software/local/os-extras/data/gateway needs to be changed
Index: /fsys1/.software/local/os-extras/data/gateway
renumber FYI: /fsys1/.software/regional/os-extras/config/regional/mailname needs to be changed
Index: /fsys1/.software/regional/os-extras/config/regional/mailname
< blackshadow.math.uwaterloo.ca
> blackshadow.cs.uwaterloo.ca
renumber FYI: /fsys1/.software/local/xhier/config/local/allowed-types needs to be changed
Index: /fsys1/.software/local/xhier/config/local/allowed-types
< regional=blackshadow.math.uwaterloo.ca
> regional=blackshadow.cs.uwaterloo.ca
renumber FYI: /fsys1/.software/regional/xhier/data/default-allowed-types/regional needs to be changed
Index: /fsys1/.software/regional/xhier/data/default-allowed-types/regional
< blackshadow.math.uwaterloo.ca
> blackshadow.cs.uwaterloo.ca

OK, that looks good. But I don't think it got the OS stuff. Solaris 8:

  1. /etc/hostname.*
  2. /etc/nodename
  3. /etc/hosts
  4. /etc/net/ticlts/hosts
  5. /etc/net/ticots/hosts
  6. /etc/net/ticotsord/hosts
  7. (/etc/dumpadm.conf?)
  8. (/etc/netmasks?)
  9. /etc/resolv.conf

One will have to muck about a great deal with xhier itself in order to convince it that it hasn't lost its mind.

Reboot system

After making all these changes it may be advisable to reboot the system and make sure that it still works

Run Xhier Local Maintenance

Finally, it would be a good idea to run xh-local-maintenance to have it check that everything is working properly

Renumber and rename rees.math to services16.student.cs

Since rees.math is db2 server, we don't know for sure whether renumbering or renaming would break db2. We first renumber it, test db2, then rename, test db2 again. We did the following:


  • Lowered TTL to 5 minutes.
  • Changed IP of rees.math from to in DNS.
  • Waited for the new IP to take effect.
  • Updated /etc/hosts to reflect rees' new IP (for reboot)
  • Changed /software/os-extras/data/gateway, /etc/defaultrouter to ""
  • Changed switch port (dccore-nnsw37 1/25) from subnet 204 to 152
  • Run "ifconfig hme0 inet netmask broadcast up"
  • Rebooted rees.math
  • Tested db2. It worked fine.


  • Changed the name of from rees.math to services16.student.cs in DNS.
  • Waited for the new name to take effect
  • Run "xhinstall -u local_rees.math.uwaterloo.ca"
  • Changed
          to be services16.student.cs
  • Run hostname `cat etc/hostname.hme0`
  • After testing db2, changed the follwoing files:
        on services16.student.cs
         on student.cs
       on cscf.cs
       on capo
  • Pushed undergrad.math, cf-specific, lpr, xhier down
  • re-install sendmail-8.13 on services0{2,4}.student.cs
  • Checked services16.student.cs was added to /software/cf-specific/export/hosts/cscf_clients and run xh-install lpr_quota on print.cs to make printing work
  • Renamed package local_rees.math.uwaterloo.ca to local_services16.student.cs.uwaterloo.ca and installed it. on student.cs installed finger-gnu,setpw, and accounts (to updtae /.software/local/accounts/export/hosts/regional_siblings at least it is used for motd)
  • Changed NetApps filers fs02.student.cs: /etc/{hosts,hosts.equiv,exports,netgroup} to export files to services16.student.cs
  • Ask MFCF to export files to erverses16 from fs01.student.math
  • Tested db2 one more time and rebooted the machine.
  • Restored TTL.

-- MikePatterson - 03 Aug 2006

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