-- MikePatterson - 16 Dec 2004

No user data, so just reboot and reinstall.

Hrm, installer CD sees no hard disks. frown Some googling suggests that this is a Perc3/Di, but booting woody makes it look like it's an aic7xxx. A woody install CD specific to dells says it might be aacraid.

Looking at the help for special boot parameters, it claims "Certain Dell machines use aic7xxx=no_probe", so try

linux26 aic7xxx=no_probe

as the boot method - that still didn't work. modprobe'ing aacraid after the fact didn't go either. Maybe we can install a 2.4 kernel and upgrade afterwards? Yeah, 2.4 kernel works fine. AGRHH.

/ 6g sda1
3 x 1.75g swap, sda5-7
/fsys1 approx 7g sda8

Base install done, created the basic xhier tree. Let's try booting the same 2.6 kernel I put on quadra, tumbo, and pedernales. That worked, so remove the old kernel and dselect-upgrade. ntpdate is installed and run. Already told debian31 about its new client.

  1. adduser --home /software/accounts/home --shell /bin/csh --no-create-home --uid 1000 --gid 103 --disabled-login accounts
  2. edit fstab and mount -a -t nfs
  3. Usual trouble with xh-first-time (see QuadraSargeUpgrade). Hrm, ethtool shows us half duplex on gooch. Fix with ethtool. Still no joy. It eventually worked.
  4. xh-install xhier, mfcf-basics, os-extras is all good, xh-local-maintenance is good. Wow, setpw arrived while I was doing this. WTF? xh-rm-package it. Looks like it updated /etc/group for me at least.
  5. dist cf-specific, cscf-specific, termcap, tcsh
  6. xh-local-maintenance (clean)
  7. dist accounts accounts_client setpw
  8. fix /software/setpw/data/config/setpw.server
  9. xh-local-maintenance (clean)
  10. cscf.cs: accounts-client mudge.math

Looks like everything's kosher, so finish for now.

  1. dist graveyard man nameserver pine_config
  2. dist resolv-config security service-request watform
  3. xh-local-maintenance
  4. dist debian
  5. local-maint again (clean)
  6. set xhier local maintainer
  7. quadra: "dpkg --get-selections > quadrapkgs" in /u/mpatterson
  8. dpkg --set-selections < quadrapkgs
  9. /software/debian-1/maintenance/apt-get -uf --fix-missing dselect-upgrade
  10. set super_ttys and test suw
  11. X11 forwarding is already on on gooch

I think that covers it.

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