I am a first year Ph.D. student in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at University of Waterloo, advised by Kimon Fountoulakis. I am a member of OpAL lab. I work on optimization and machine learning problems on graphs. Previously, I obtained a Master of Mathematics in the Department of Combinatorics & Optimization, where I worked with Ricardo Fukasawa and Laurent Poirrier.

Research interests

  • Computation and optimization on graphs and hypergraphs
  • Machine learning on graphs
  • Scientific computing


Local Hyper-flow Diffusion
Kimon Fountoulakis, Pan Li, Shenghao Yang
Parallel and Communication Avoiding Least Angle Regression
Swapnil Das, James Demmel, Kimon Fountoulakis, Laura Grigori, Michael W. Mahoney, Shenghao Yang
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Targeted Pandemic Containment Through Identifying Local Contact Network Bottlenecks
Shenghao Yang, Priyabrata Senapati, Di Wang, Chris T. Bauch, Kimon Fountoulakis
Under revision
p-Norm Flow Diffusion for Local Graph Clustering
Kimon Fountoulakis, Di Wang, Shenghao Yang
The Thirty-seventh International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2020)
Split Cuts from Sparse Disjunctions
Ricardo Fukasawa, Laurent Poirrier, Shenghao Yang
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