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CS 761, Waterloo, Spring 2023, Spring 2018
Randomized Algorithms
CS 341, Waterloo, Winter 2023, Spring 2021, Spring 2017, Winter 2016
CS 466/666, Waterloo, Spring 2022, Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Spring 2018
Algorithm Design and Analysis
CS 860, Waterloo, Winter 2022
Eigenvalues and polynomials
CS 860/798, Waterloo, Spring 2019, Fall 2015
Spectral graph theory
CS 798, Waterloo, Winter 2017
Convexity and Optimization
CS270, Berkeley, Spring 2015
Graduate Algorithms
CSC 5060, CUHK, Spring 2014
Semidefinite Programming and Approximation Algorithms
CSC 5450, CUHK, Spring 2013, Spring 2011
Randomness and Computation
CSC 5160, CUHK, Spring 2012
Spectral Algorithms
CSC 2110, CUHK, Fall 2012, Fall 2011, Fall 2010, Fall 2009, Fall 2008, Fall 2007
Discrete Mathematics
CSC 5160, CUHK, Spring 2010, Spring 2008, Spring 2007
Combinatorial Optimization and Approximation Algorithms
CSC 3270, CUHK, Spring 2010, Spring 2008
Advanced Programming Laboratory
Robert Wang
Ph.D. 2021 - present, Waterloo
Yueheng Zhang
Ph.D. 2021 - present, Waterloo
Kam Chuen Tung (Alex)
Ph.D. 2019 - present, Waterloo
Akshay Ramachandran
Ph.D. 2016 - 2021, Waterloo
Thesis: Geodesic convex analysis of group scaling for the Paulsen problem and the tensor normal model
(Second place in Mathematics Doctoral Prize)
Position: Postdoctoral fellow in CWI.
Hong Zhou
Ph.D. 2012 - 2015, CUHK, 2015 - 2020, Waterloo
Postdoc 2021, Waterloo
Thesis: A spectral approach to network design and experimental design
(Cheriton distinguished dissertation award)
Position: Faculty member at Fuzhou University.
Vedat Levi Alev
Ph.D. 2015 - 2020, Waterloo
Thesis: Higher order random walks, local spectral expansion, and applications
Position: Postdoctoral fellow in Georgia Tech
Pak Hay Chan (Alan)
M.Sc. 2016 - 2018, Waterloo
Thesis: The complexity of network design for s-t effective resistance
Position: Software engineer in Google (Kitchener)
Tsz Chiu Kwok
Ph.D. 2010 - 2014, CUHK
Postdoc 2015 - 2018, Waterloo
Thesis: Graph expansions and applications
Position: Faculty member in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.
Chun Yeung Poon
M.Phil 2013 - 2016, CUHK
Thesis: Glauber dynamics for sampling an edge colouring of regular trees
Ho Yee Cheung (Leo)
M.Phil. 2009 - 2011, CUHK
Thesis: Algebraic algorithms in combinatorial optimization
Position: Ph.D. student in University of Southern California.
Kai Man Leung (Hackson)
M.Phil. 2009 - 2011, CUHK
Thesis: Graph connectivity and network coding
Position: software engineer in Google (Mountain View).
Zixi Zhang (Jesse)
2008 - 2011, CUHK
Position: software engineer in VMware (Palo Alto).
Yuk Hei Chan (Tom)
M.Phil. 2007-2009, CUHK
Thesis: On linear programming relaxations for hypergraph matching
Position: Ph.D. student in University of Maryland
Wai Shing Fung (Isaac)
M.Phil. 2007-2009, CUHK
Thesis: Degree bounded vertex connectivity network design with metric cost
Position: Ph.D. student in University of Waterloo
Chun Kong Yung (Darek)
M.Phil. 2007-2009, CUHK
Thesis: Edge splitting-off and network design problems
(Best M.Phil. thesis award in Faculty of Engineering)
Position: Ph.D. student in University of Toronto
Algorithms Reading Group, Berkeley
ACM ICPC Programming Team, CUHK
Algorithm Visualization: a final year project, CUHK
by Lo Yu Tak (2010), Yeung Tak Wai (2010), Chow Man Ho (2011), Wong Tak Piu (2011)
Theory Reading Group, CUHK