So we started again.

Dave lied to debian30 and told it that it's the archmaster for freebsd5.

Try just a plain xh-first-time. Dave found the same stuff I did.

Dave did freebsd5# mkdir -p /.software/local/local_freebsd5/doc/install and he's gonna stash stuff in there.

We branded all the binaries in /software/xhier/{bin,maintenance,servers} as Linux.

cd /software
foreach b (`file */bin/* */maintenance/* */servers/* | grep ELF | cut -f 1 -d : `)
 brandelf -t Linux ${b}

Then from debian30: xh-dist-maintenance -h freebsd5.cscf

Hey, it took a long time - it's sending all the admin requests over! Oops.

cd /fsys1/.software
rm -rf */{all the packages we don't want}

and now we're back down to the big three again. On freebsd5, edit /software/xhier/config/local/requests:


Chris: why not use xh-local-maintenance? Dave: things are broken (demonstrates). Weird, it doesn't think xhier is installed.

Now dist-maintenance is working.

tar cf - arch_param | rsh freebsd5.cscf "cd /usr/source/TEMP-CACHE/arch_param
On freebsd5:
cd /usr/source/TEMP-CACHE/arch_param
cc -I ../Include -O -g -pipe arch_param.c -o arch_param

and it complaints about missing sys/sysmacros.h - looking at the library file, we see it checks to see if FREEBSD is defined, and if not, it

Edit /usr/source/TEMP-CACHE/mfcf-basics/Include/mfcf/config.h and tell it about freebsd.

Now we have conflicts with the types sys_siglist and sys_nsig. Seems mfcf lib tries to define them and system signal.h already does. Edit mfcf's signal.h.

Hrm. What happens if we decide that BSD 4.3 is just too crappy, and define ourselves as C_OS_UNIX_FREEBSD instead of C_OS_UNIX_BSD_FREEBSD? arch_param builds and runs! Yay. So, lesson: FreeBSD is not much like BSD 4.3 any more, at least as far as building C with gcc goes anyway.

run arch_param, and put its output to /usr/source/TEMP-CACHE/mfcf-basics/Include/mfcf/.

Now libcfix? It's in mfcf-misc on capo. sdist mfcf-misc to debian30.

On debian30, cd /usr/source/TEMP-CACHE/mfcf-misc/libcfix and xh-make -n. This gets us the xh-makefile. cd /usr/source/TEMP-CACHE, tar xf - mfcf-misc | rsh freebsd5.cscf "cd /usr/source/TEMP-CACHE; tar xvfBp -".

On freebsd5, cd /usr/source/TEMP-CACHE/mfcf-misc/libcfix. Get rid of wipcheck and bury in the Makefile. Try make: it barfs about missing include files. We fixed a few other things, but we kept running into more so we broke for the week.

-- MikePatterson - 31 May 2005

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