Thinking Ape Mobile Devices 2012

As described in ST#86622, the SCS has acquired 60 mobile devices, as shown below. Ongoing support and maintenance of this set of devices is described in ST#90774. The 2013 project is documented at

The devices shown in "library" are available from the Davis library on three-day reserves:

  • call # UWD 1500 -- iPhones (iOS)
  • call # UWD 1700 -- nexus 7 tablet (android)
  • call # UWD 1800 -- galaxy note II (android) phones
Students in courses that use the devices should contact the reserves desk for more information.

The agreement for 2012 with CS Executive was that we would keep a "few" of each back for use by faculty and staff, as replacement spares, etc. E.g. CSCF staff have used them to go to conferences (should be in the checkout state in inventory). So, others (faculty, grad, staff) should contact the CS Executive for permission to use the devices, most likely the Associate Director of the School, or the Director of Infrastructure.

Devices shown in "dc2560g" are on the USG storage shelving. Also stored there is a box of parts (ear-buds and documents).

The non-functioning sim card required to activate the iPhones (Apple won't activate the phone without one) is stored in the CSCF password vault on the top shelf (in a small ziploc bag).

Device Call # Barcode list
iPhone white, iPhone black UWD 1500 CS007920 | CS007941 | CS007937 | CS007906 | CS007938 | CS007956 | CS007950 | CS007915 | CS007913 | CS007908
CS007926 | CS007949 | CS007961 | CS007924 | CS007939 | CS007916 | CS007947 | CS007945 | CS007918 | CS007917
Nexus 7 tablet UWD 1700 CS007911 | CS007930 | CS007919 | CS007909 | CS007942 | CS007914 | CS007907 | CS007960 | CS007923 | CS007901 | CS007904 | CS007936 | CS007927 | CS007952 | CS007944 | CS007903 | CS007951 | CS007955 | CS007912
Galaxy Note II UWD 1800

CS007946 | CS007959 | CS007934 | CS007933 | CS007957 | CS007902 | CS007929 | CS007925 | CS007940 | CS007905 | CS007931 | CS007921 | CS007922 | CS007910 | CS007953 | CS007932 | CS007943 | CS007948 | CS007928

These phones are current in use by CSCF for inventory maintenance:

Device Barcode
Nexus 7 tablet CS007954
Galaxy Note II CS007935
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