Printing in PLG

See Also: ManageUsersPrintersOnPykota

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Standard steps (on cups.cs)

To add user "abcxyz":

Become root on cscf, ssh to cups.cs

root@services118:~# pkusers --add abcxyz
root@services118:~# edpykota --add --printer ljp_plg abcxyz
root@services118:~# edpykota --printer ljp_plg -S 10000 -H 15000 abcxyz
root@services118:~# repykota --printer ljp_plg abcxyz

Commands to know

pkusers --list userid

edpykota --printer ljp_plg -S 10000 -H 15000 userid

repykota --printer ljp_plg userid

or perhaps a way to add new users too:

pkusers --add userid

edpykota --add userid

If you want to unlimit quota... I don't know.

The machine on which to do this is cups.cs. It's likely helpful to smbpasswd -a them too, if they want to run a Windows box.

And because the pykota people are apparently idiots, you need the --add option when you're setting up a new user. This is for edpykota.


Get the users printing code

cscf.cs# userinfo mhahmadi
     Userid: mhahmadi
  Id Number: 20332479
  Other Ids: hr168876,P-190676
       Name: Ahmadi, Mohamad Hasan
    Comment: 2009/Aug/27 - UWdir (jkeir)
  Sponsored: printer ljp_cs: cs8(20000)
  Sponsored: printer ljp_plg: Rplg002(5000)
  Sponsored: computing plg1.cs: Rplg002(1000000)

Get quota

cscf.cs# lpquota mhahmadi
Printer         Host                 User         Account         Free  Prepaid
ps_mfcf         mfcf-group           mhahmadi     -               0.00    0.00
lp2_statsgrad -> ps_mfcf
ljp_cs          mfcf-group           mhahmadi     cs8           200.00    0.00
ljp_plg         mfcf-group           mhahmadi     Rplg002        47.28    0.00

Set no limit to print on PLG, then check again with lpquota run on cscf.cs

On print.cs
# /fsys1/.software/arch/lpr_quota/maintenance/lpquota_update_sucks -u mhahmadi -p ljp_plg -a Rplg002 -q unlimited +0
LPQUOTA_UPDATE started Tue Sep 28 09:45:56 2010 for root (root)
_mfcf                mhahmadi     Rplg002          -1      0
_mfcf mhahmadi Rplg002 ljp_plg -1 0
Command: Done

Check Hard and Soft limits

root@services118:~# edpykota --list --printer ljp_plg mhahmadi
    Page counter : 606
    Lifetime page counter : 606
    Soft limit : 10000
    Hard limit : 15000
    Date limit : None
    Maximum job size : Unlimited (Not supported yet)
    Warning banners printed : 0

Check the printer if several people are having problems. The printer may need to be started from the web interface.

Set Hard and Soft limits for all

for i in `cat lef4`; do edpykota --printer ljp_plg -S 10000 -H 15000  $i; done

(root)[515]% cat lef4

for i in `cat lef4`; do edpykota --list --printer ljp_plg $i; done
    Page counter : 1610
    Lifetime page counter : 1610
    Soft limit : 10000
    Hard limit : 15000
    Date limit : None
    Maximum job size : Unlimited (Not supported yet)
    Warning banners printed : 0

Make sure the user is listed to print on PLG

ssh cups.cs
# edpykota --list --printer ljp_plg

-- MikePatterson - 09 Sep 2008

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