Printer Checks in DC

This page will describe in detail what is required to check the printers in DC.


The printing checks began as a request to assist with Wendy Rush's job while she went away for vacation. ST#96692. After she came back it turned into one of my responsibilities.


This is the list of printers/printer rooms I look after:

  • DC 2311 - lp-dc2320,lj-cs-2
  • DC 2326A - mfp102
  • DC 2583 - cs006437, cs006417, lp-dc3316
  • DC 3116 - lp7-cs, xrxpr006
  • DC 3322 - xrxpr004
  • DC 3507 - lp2-dc3507, xrxpr003
  • DC 3622 - lj-dc3624, xrxpr005

When Wendy is away for a period of time, the following rooms get added to my list:

  • DC 2102
  • DC 2301
  • DC 2314
  • DC 3323


Head to any of the printer rooms.

  • Make sure there is plenty of packaged paper on the shelves
  • Make sure there is a box of paper on the floor
  • Ensure that the 8.5x11 printer trays are filled to the marked line with paper
    • If paper is needed, report to Helen at CS Reception to get more boxes of paper
  • Make sure that the printers toner cartridge is not empty
    • For the HP P4015 printers, use the following code with the Up/Down and OK button
      • OK, Down, Down, OK, Down, Down, OK
      • This will print out a supplies status page, which will define the amount of toner left in the printer.
      • If the maintenance kit is running low (less than 5%) the following must be done:
      • Speak with Phil Beldowski, DC 2560D,, to request a maintenance kit for the HP P4015 printer
      • Head to the printer, bringing the maintenance kit, the toner vacuum from DC 2561

Replacing the Maintenance Kit

  • Preparing for the maintenance kit installation:
    • Turn the printer off.
      • Caution: The fuser is hot. Before replacing the fuser, allow the printer cool for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Replacing the transfer roller:
    • Open the top cover and remove the print cartridge.
    • Inside the replacement maintenance kit will be a small box, containing a transfer roller and removal tool, a bag of rollers, and a large bag with the fuser in it.
    • Use the plastic transfer roller tool to slightly lift the left end of the transfer roller inside the printer, under where the cartridge would be. Slide the transfer roller to the left and remove it
    • Put on the supplied latex gloves and remove the replacement transfer roller from the bag.
      • Caution: Do not touch the new transfer roller with bare hands. Print quality problems could result from skin oil on the roller.
    • Position the transfer roller so the notch on the left end is facing downward. Slide the right end of the roller into place. Snap the left end into place.
    • Reinstall the print cartridge, then close the top cover.
  • Replacing the Tray 2 feed and separation rollers:
    • Pull Tray 2 out and then up to remove it. Remove any paper that is in the tray. Rotate the roller cover backward and hold it open.
    • Squeeze the blue latches on the roller together and slide the roller to the left to remove it.
    • Slide a new roller onto the shaft and rotate it until it locks into place. Close the roller cover.
      • Note: The feed roller and separation roller for Tray 2 are identical.
    • Locate the separation roller at the top center of the tray cavity. The separation roller is the roller closest to the front and has a blue plastic sleeve.It will be above where the paper tray goes.
    • Squeeze the blue latches on the roller together and slide the roller to the left to remove it.
    • Slide a new roller onto the shaft and rotate it until it locks into place. Pull back on the roller to make sure it is locked in place.
    • Replace the paper in the tray and slide the tray into the printer.
    • Repeat for Tray 3 if installed.
  • Replacing the Fuser
    • Remove the rear output bin by placing your finger near the left-side hinge. Push firmly to the right until the hinge pin clears the hole inside the printer. Rotate the output bin outward to remove it.
    • Push up on the two blue levers on the sides of the fuser and pull the fuser straight out.
    • Push the new fuser into the printer until the blue levers on both sides click into place.
    • To reinstall the rear output bin, insert the right hinge pin into the hole inside the printer. Push inward on the left hinge and slide it into the hole inside the printer. Close the rear output bin.
    • If you have an optional duplexer, reinstall it by pushing it straight into the printer.
  • Resetting the maintenance counter:
    • Turn the printer on.
    • When the message XXX MB appears, press and hold the OK button until all three control panel lights turn on and stay on. Release the OK button. Press ^ until NEW MAINTENANCE KIT appears, then press OK.
  • Post Replacement
    • Box up the bits that came out of the printer (transfer roller, 2-4 rollers, fuser unit) as they were when you opened the maintenance kit, and return them to Phil.

Post Procedure

  • Alert Wendy Rush so that she is aware the maintenance kit has been replaced.
  • If a printer is low on toner, speak with Wendy Rush, DC 2333,
  • ST#96692 I currently update this ticket whenever I make changes to the rooms (i.e add paper, change toner etc.)

  • If there is any problems with the printers, i.e someone cannot print to it, or it won't work properly, speak with

  • For the additional rooms added when Wendy is gone:
    • Listen at the door for if the room is in use
    • Knock gently, use a master key to enter
    • Make sure the room is in order, the chairs are neat and in the right places, no chairs missing
      • For DC 2102, make sure the blinds are open
      • For DC 3323, make sure the blinds are open and projector screen is up

-- JohnGilbert - 2015-02-27

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