Moves and Removals

This will be a page discussing the basis of moves and removals, where equipment goes, and what needs to be done in regards to inventory and ONA updates.

Equipment Required

  • Pen and paper, preferably a printout of the ST
  • Cart, can be found in DC 2560G
  • Master Key for DC, or guaranteed access to the rooms
    • Ask your supervisor for this
  • Map of DC if you don't know where you're going


When an ST comes in for a move or removal, you are generally responsible. Moves take priority over almost all work, removals don't necessarily, unless time sensitive.

Begin by speaking with whoever is giving you the Job, usually it will be:

Speak with them and make sure that all details are finalized:

  • Who is moving?
  • What equipment is being moved?
    • try to be specific, get barcodes, hostnames etc
  • Is a printer being moved?
    • This needs to be known, as they can be heavy and may require additional help
  • Start location and end location?
    • I.e where is the equipment now, and where is it going?
  • Is this time sensitive?
  • Is there a specific time of day this must be done?
  • Will furniture need to be moved?
    • You do NOT move furniture. That is up to Plant Ops
  • Any other things to know

Once all the details are finalized and input into the ST, get a key if you need one, print out the ST, one page, the portion with the actual instructions, get a pen and a cart and head to the beginning room.

Starting Room

If the door is closed ALWAYS knock first, wait a few seconds, then use your key. You never know what may be behind that door.

  • Head over to the equipment.
  • When moving a workstation, find the network cable the workstation is connected to.
  • Trace the cable back to the wall jack
  • Take note, on your paper, the wall jack number (i.e A15) and the network closet number, (i.e TC 2592)
    • This will be necessary for ONA network changes later
  • Unplug the machine, monitor etc, place everything gently on the cart, in a way that nothing will fall over
  • Bring everything, Workstation, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, ALL Cables (power cables, extension cables etc)
    • Only thing you don't bring is the network cable. That stays.
  • Write down the barcodes of anything you bring with you
    • Workstation
    • Monitor
    • Printer
    • UPS
    • External Backup Hard Drive
  • Inventory will be updated later

Begin moving the equipment on the cart to the end room.

End Room

The end room will be one of three places:

  • the new office of the person being moved
  • DC 2560G, CSCF Hardware lab, where the equipment will be held for Thirty days before being re purposed
  • DC 2561, CSCF Equipment/Surplus room, where the equipment will be held for Thirty days before being re purposed/surplussed

If going to a New Office

  • Again, knock before entering
  • If a specific desk was given, find it and use it
  • Otherwise, set up the equipment in the most logical place
    • If the workstation came from the top of the desk, put it back on top
  • Set everything up in the general way it was when you removed it
  • Re connect all cables and wires
  • Plug everything in
  • DON'T turn on the machine. Leave it off until networking is done
    • Turning it on before the networking has been done could confuse the machine until restarted
  • Locate the network cable, plug it into the workstation, and trace the cable to the wall jack
  • Write down the port number and network close number for the new room

If going to DC 2560G/DC 2561

If equipment is being removed, it will come back to either DC 2560G or DC 2561. When you get it back, print out a DYMO label, with:

  • ST# related to this removal
  • Hold until
  • MM/DD/YYYY, 30 days after current date

Speak with your supervisor, or:

Speak with either of them to figure out where they want the equipment placed.

After that is done, return to your desk.

  • Open up Inventory and update the changes to room numbers
  • Update any tickets related to the move

Final Tasks

Once you have finished installing everything and you have your notes, proceed to return the cart to DC 2560G. Return the key to your supervisor.

Return to your desk, and bring up ONA. If you cannot access this, speak with your supervisor about getting you Read-Only access to ONA.


ONA, short for Open Network Administrator, is a system for controlling the various VLAN's (Virtual Local Area Network.

VLAN's work to secure systems, someone on VLAN 170 cannot access a machine on VLAN 169, and vice versa.

The machine you removed will be on a VLAN, and the new port it is connected to will need to be reconfigured in ONA for that VLAN.

Observe this sticker:

  • scspc588.cs
  • 171 is the VLAN. In this case, VLAN 170 and 171 are interchangeable.

So, bring up ONA. Your first task is to find the ORIGINAL network closet, the one you wrote down from the Starting Room. When you locate it, you will find something like:

  • dc2305d-cs1
  • dc2305d-cs1a
  • dc2305d-cs1b
  • dc2305d-cs1c
  • dc2305d-cs1d

In this case, dc2305d is the network closet. cs1-cs1d are all switches. cs1 is the master switch, and all others are connected to one another. cs1 to cs1a to cs1b etc.

Right click on each link that matches your room and Open in a New Tab. Your port could be on any of them.

Once that is done, press CTRL F to open a Find window, and search for your port number, closing the tab for any switch that does not have a match.

When you eventually find it, the entry will relate to a port on the switch in that room, i.e port 14 of cs1b. Click on that link.

On the top left corner of the page that opens will be a title such as dc2305d-cs1a 2, and in the table below, there will be a section for VLAN. Write down the title, and the VLAN.

Repeat this for the new port, in the End Room. If the VLAN matches, you don't need to change anything. If the VLAN is 171 in the Starting Room, and 170 in the End Room, nothing needs to be changed either.

But if they don't match, you need to write down the VLAN the machine needs to be on, and the title from the new port.

  • i.e VLAN 169, dc2305d-cs1a 14

Take this information to your supervisor, who has write permissions in ONA. He will change that port to match the VLAN.

Network Problems

If there are any problems with ONA that are not simply VLAN changes, such as:

  • The port is not on any switches
  • After the VLAN change the client does not get internet
  • etc.


To the ticket related to the move. Add in any notes about the issue and he will take care of it.

-- JohnGilbert - 2015-02-27

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