The basic script is installed under /Library/Scripts and is run upon login. This currently contains the comment sections from the cleanbasic script

#set -xv; exec 1>>/tmp/out 2>&1
#The line above is used for logging and troubleshooting only - if you need to troubleshoot this script, remove the "#" from the line.
#   Once you are done, put the "#" back at the beginning of the line.

#Update on June 27, 2006 - added support for 10.3 clients and other improvements
#Update on July 10, 2006 - added feature so that all local users will bypass redirection.

#Update Oct 13, 2006 - UW specific to avoid .cshrc error - add -f flag to su commands
# more extreme (works only for 10.4 clients; remove su (and tail EOF) and let the whole thing run as root
# to try to prevent exposure in case logout hook doesn't run, or to try to avoid vulnerabilty:
#        clear /tmp as part of login hook as well as logout,
#        create user owned subdirectory of /tmp, and symlink to there, instead of to the /tmp level

#Superseded Sept25, 2007 - now removed unconditionally
#Oct 27, 2006 - some Tutors in testing got font errors from Word and Excel
#  at first login after the script, remove Library/Preferences/Microsoft

# Superseded Sept 25, 2007 re automount
#Nov 8, 2006 - RT#56004 new opportunity to clean up "automount".  Previous users have been piling up
#   the system then tries repeatedly (and fails, on permissions of course) to mount each of their network home directories
# - also, may move functionality here from .cshrc to provide a skeleton .drjava file, if one does not exist

#Nov 15, 2006 - RT#54169 - fix .Xauthority problem

#Superseded Sept 25, 2007
#Dec 4, 2006 - RT#56181 - some students lose all their files when they log in; on the assumption that
#   the clean up automount section *might* be the villain - ie it does rm-rf *if* username doesn't match, so what if there is a glitch??
# comment it out for now

# Superseded Sept 25, 2007
#Dec 12, 2006 - add some more paranoia checking to clean up automount section, and remove the old
#   previously commented out portion

#Sept 25 - 28, 2007 - major re-write
# created an archive copy as well as the RCS'd old versions since major removal of automount section
#  because of login problems at start of term RT#59728
# We turnded "off" automount, home directories now mount differently; AND, we don't have the
#  problem of dangling directories from previous users, and the resulting attempts to automount them.

# Part 2 of Sept 25, 2007
#  Added logic from the "" version of the original script package to clean Microsoft Office footprints.
#  Labs were having problems such as unable to save Excel Macros
# Sept 28 - revised copied logic from "original" NHR
#   don't touch ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data
#   don't copy cscfadm/Library/Preferences/Microsoft - just let Office re-create it,
#      as the manual workaround in the Labs was doing
#   Don't delete all of~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft - takes too long to re-create

# Part3 of Sept 25, 2007
# Changed sqlany10 parameters - no "Shared" folder

# Oct 15, 2007 - fixed path for SQLAnywhere 10 - no lib, change to lib32

# added line Jan 29, 2008 to try to overcome a startup issue with Adobe Illustrator cs
#  Jan 30 - comment it out because Sassafras suggests issue may really be that we are blowing away /tmp completely in this login hook
#  revise login to not touch /tmp,
#    and logout hooks to just remove user directories under /tmp

# Update Aug 25, 2008 - 1) Leopard compatibility - remove nicl command, replace with dscl
#                            good for both Tiger and Leopard
#                       2) SQLAnywhere only version 10; remove v9

# Sept 19, 2008 - Leopard specific version required for X11 compatibility changes - xauth

# Aug 26, 2009 - Leopard OD can manage folder redirection via plugin
#    so comment out our folder re-direction of ~/Library/Caches, and ~/Library/Fonts

# Aug 25, 2008 - LocalAdminUser no longer required, and nicl not supported in Leopard

# added Jan 29, 2008   *** superseded Jan 30 - comment out
# to force key access to be running at login, as login user, to overcome an issue with Adobe Illustrator CS


#This script will re-direct several the Caches and Fonts folders from a user's network home location to the local machine to help with performance.
#   Please remember to set a login hook for this script so that it runs at each login (sudo defaults write LoginHook /path/to/script).
#   This script will not run for any user that has an account in the local Netinfo database (either a local user or a mobile account or portable home directory).

#This section will create ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist if it does not exist, and configure XAUTHORITY

#changed logic because Ed also needs this file to configure CS200 for Web and Database
#   so append these lines unconditionally

#Oct 15, 2007 change lib to lib32 in SQL10 Library Path
#Aug 25, 2008 remove SQL version 9
#Sep 19, 2008 clear XAUTH Leopard different than Tiger; and remove old unnecessary lock files

#Sept 25, 2007 major section removed re cleaning automount - archive is in

#This section will delete the Caches and Fonts folders from the current user's network home location

#su $1 -cf /bin/sh <<EOF

#Sept 25, 2007 major section removed re conditional cleaning Microsoft Office files
#  now done unconditionally below - archive is in

# Aug 26, 2009 done now by Open Directory


#This last section will set up symbolic links for the current user.

# changed Aug 25, 2008

# Aug 26, 2009 done now by Open Directory??

#This will copy the Microsoft Preferences folder of the local admin user (make sure this account was the first account set up on the client - with UID 501) to /tmp with the correct permissions.  Make sure to delete the Clip Gallery Preference file from the local admin's Library/Preferences folder), as Clipart will not function properly if you leave this preference file in this folder.

#This will copy the Microsoft User Data folder of the local admin user (make sure this account was the first account set up on the client - with UID 501) to /tmp with the correct permissions.

# Aug 26, 2009 done now by Open Directory
#ln -s /private/tmp/$1/Caches/ $home_loc/Library/Caches


logger - "LoginHook:  Finished for $1"

#Remember to run a logout hook that will delete the contents of /tmp

-- EdwardChrzanowski - 2014-09-19

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