1. destroy the d5 metadevice: metaclear -f /dev/md/dsk/d5 (won't work without the -f)
  2. rebuild the d5 metadevice: metainit d5 -r c1t0d0s5 c1t1d0s5 c1t2d0s5 c1t3d0s5 c1t4d0s5 c1t5d0s5
... this has all gone swimmingly so far.
  1. newfs it:
  2. mount it as /newscratch?
  3. then how does it go?

Only if First doesn't work.
  1. remove c1t4d0* from all its metadevices
    • d5
    • d81
    • d31
    • metadb
  2. destroy d5
  3. reformat the disk (with a new VTOC)
  4. rebuild:
    • metadb
    • d31
    • d81
    • d5
  5. newfs d5
  6. then how does it go?

-- MikePatterson - 25 Oct 2006

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