-- MikeGore - 23 Nov 2011

Ubuntu Custom Launcher

Ubuntu 10.04 to 11.04

Note: In this example we will create a launcher for a program called Maple14
  • Right click on ToolBar -> Add to Panel -> Custom Application Launcher
    • Type: Application
    • Name: Xmaple
      • Can say anything
    • Command: /usr/local/bin/xmaple
    • Comment: Maple
      • Can say anything

Change Launcher ICONs

    • Click on ICON - left side of the above dialogs
    • Location: /usr/local/maple14/bin - pick either of the two icon files
      • /usr/share/pixmaps
      • /usr/share/icons - various directories

ICON directories

Note: This script will find all of the unique directories under /usr/share that have .png files in them
         find /usr/share -type f | grep "\.png" | sed 's,[^/]*$,,' | sort -u
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