Chronology - 1980s: A Decade of Expansion


CSG became involved in creating user-friendly databases. The group experimented with structured data, and did some preliminary work on the use of multi-media databases prior to the 1990s (Ponzo 95).

MacJANET was modified to include Ethernet and multi-server support so it could be used in all core Computer Science courses (Ponzo 93). Maple Software was incorporated in April of 1988 (Ponzo 69).

Maple software, developed at UW in 1985, was the core product of Maplesoft, a spin-off company established in 1988.

Mathematica, the chief competitor to Maple Software, came out with its mathematics program in June,1988 (Ponzo 69)

Watcom C was introduced. The product made the Watcom company an industry leader in optimising compilers for 16 and 32-bit Intel-based IBM PCs.
Will Watts, "Review WATCOM C (Version 7)." EXE, (October 1989, Vol. 3, Issue 8).

Don Cowan, as Senior Research Associate of the CSG, arranged an agreement between UW and IBM that gave the university nearly 1 million dollars in computer equipment. The purpose of the agreement was to continue joint research in educational network development. The equipment was intended to support environmental research.
UW Special Collections. GA 133-1415. Wes Graham Fonds. Series 4.2: Post-1973 Files. Joint Study Agreement, December 15, 1988.

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