Chronology - 1980s: A Decade of Expansion


CSG designed a version of JANET for Macintosh equipment (MacJanet), which was used to support the CS 100 course. As a result of the project, Apple donated the forty-eight computers required to run the introductory computer course (Ponzo 93).

Hewlett-Packard gave UW 300 laptops for experimental student use.

The Affiliates Program was instituted by the ICR. It allowed corporations to receive access to research conducted at the university in return for a fee. More than twenty principal affiliates were given invitations to seminars, general meetings, special presentation days, and research reports (Ponzo 61).

The ICR hosted ten additional corporate sponsors who were slated to receive office space in the Davis Centre once it opened (Ponzo 61).

In January of 1985, UW became involved with Phase One of the Oxford English Dictionary Project. In order to ensure that the data is processed in a machine readable form, the university established the Centre for the New Oxford English Dictionary. The Secretary of State for Canada gave UW a grant for the New Oxford English Dictionary project as part of the centres of specialization program.

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