Chronology - 1980s: A Decade of Expansion


Decommissioning the faithful 360/75

Decommissioning the faithful 360/75
From left to right: Burt Matthews, UW president, with Paul Dirksen, and Wes Graham at the closing ceremony for the IBM 360/75. The thirteen-year-old IBM 360/75 was unplugged. Dirksen recalls staring in wonderment at the crowd of onlookers who came to witness this history in the making. Photo UW Archives, February 1980.

The Graphics Division was awarded a National Research Council (NRC) equipment grant. Booth and Beatty used the money to purchase a state-of-the-art IKonas frame buffer (Ponzo 79).

Waterloo Maple In December, a UW research team led by Computer Science Professors Keith Geddes and Gaston Gonnet created the Maple programming language which allowed computers to deal with advanced algebra. In due course, this would become a major spin off company from the University of Waterloo, known as Waterloo Maple and later as Maple Soft. Wes Graham's advice allowed the new company to adapt the WATCOM as a model as an example of a UW spin off company that retained close links to the university and created a company that both benefited from continuing university research and that contributed to the university's own development.

Micro-WAT debuted in 1980. It influenced the design of the NABU PC and Commodore's SUPERPET which were early microcomputers (Cowan, Graham, Mackie et al 30)

UW Special Collections. GA 133-733. Wes Graham Fonds. Series 3.1: Works: Manuscripts. Wes Graham, MicroWAT (NP:1981).

Commodore donated thirty-five 8032 microcomputers to UW

Dalsa became a spin off company of UW.

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