Chronology - 1970s: The Evolution of The University of Waterloo Continues


UW Special Collection. GA 133-948. Wes Graham Fonds. Series 4.1: UW Files to 1973. M. Kilian, "1970 In Review," Computing Centre Newsletter. (January, Issue 1971-1, L. McCaul), 2.

The Mathematics Faculty switched to a credit system and abandoned the old system of progress by year, enabling the system of Co-operative education to expand within the Faculty. It would take another decade before all of the university faculties would make this move, but Mathematics was clearly in the vanguard. The fact that Mathematics had taught term courses in Engineering made this a fairly simple transition.

On Monday, November 9th, 1970, UW opened a debug terminal in Engineering 1308 in order to help students remove the glitches in their programs and to avoid them having to walk to the Mathematics and Computer Building. The picture below shows a technician at the debug counter being approached by students seeking assistance. The picture was first featured in the Computing Centre Newsletter.

UW Special Collections. GA 133-947. Wes Graham Fonds. Series 4.1: UW Files to 1973.

M. Church, "New Debug Terminal." Computing Centre Newsletter. (November: Issue 1970-11, ed. N. Fuller), 1.

The new debug terminal, 1970
The new debug terminal, 1970.

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