Chronology - 1950s

Opening of the University

UW Chancellor Hon. Dana Porter and President J.G. Hagey at the University's first convocation ceremony in 1960. Marjorie Barber collection, UW Archives.

A note about sources: The major primary sources for this project may be found in the University of Waterloo Special Collections and especially in the Wes Graham Papers which constitute an extensive series of files related to the development of computing and to the creation of several "spin off" companies, including WATCOM (now Sybase), Waterloo Maple (now Maplesoft) and the Oxford Dictionary project out of which was created Open Text. Illustrations used for this website are drawn from the Special Collections' files as well as the University Archives. Others are from private collections as well as from a large collection of photographs from the Computer Systems Group and identified herein as the Don Cowan Collection. Those identified as Private Collection are held by the author; those with index numbers 75-0000-0 are in the UW Special Collections series. Others of an historical nature are from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record Photo Negative Collection in the Special Collections Department in the Dana Porter Library.


The first computer was installed for use in industry in Canada in 1955.

UW Special Collections.  GA 133-601.  Wes Graham Fonds.  Series 3.1: Works Manuscripts.  Wes Graham, A Brief History of Digital Computation, 1966 (unpublished), 1.
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