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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [11-21-96]


So this is my last Web Address, and sure enough, it was 15 days late. Actually, I had a fake April web page up for about 10 minutes. It was part of an elabourate April Fools trick I played on my VP Student Issues Chris Walsh. I'm sorry if you accidently surfed to it.

So, as you can imagine, I'm a little sad that the year is over. But it's not just my year as president. I've been at Western now for Seven years. Wow - 7 years - that is Scary. I'm going to miss this place. But what better way to leave this place than being president. I want to thank everyone who has helped me out along the way.

First, I want to thank my family. They took very good care of me and were very supportive.

Next, I want to thank everyone from (before you click on these sites, I have to warn you - they are crappy sites, but they have really nifty URLs) engineering & computer science who were there through the thick & thin (yes - I know - when was I ever thin? Very funny, guys) especially those 'geers that have gone on to bigger and better things.

Special thanks to my campaign manager, and everyone who helped out during the election.

And finally, thanks to everyone who made this year at the USC so special, including the front office staff, the accounting staff, and everyone on the board: Jim Walden, Jerry Topolski, Chris Keith, Scott Sullivan, Chris Walsh, and Ron Kirschner.

The year is ending off on a high note. Every summer there is an "Orientation" for student executive-types like myself across the country. It's called Super-Con, and I was invited to be one of the 6 facilitators (or "sophs") for the conference this year in Winnipeg. This was a big honour, especially considering I was the only one asked from all of Ontario.

Everyone seems so interested in what I'm going to do next year. I have received a NSERC scholarship to do my masters, in either Engineering or Computer Science, and it is transferrable to any University in Canada. So next year I'll probably end up at one of: UWO, UW, Queen's, UBC, McGill or UofT.

So to end off my page, I wanted to get the sound clip of the farewell song in The Sound of Music. You remember that cute little girl ... "So Long" "Farewell" etc. etc. ....but I couldn't find the sound-bite. So I found this one instead.

Current Projects
Special things I'm working on over the next month.

Random Thoughts - April
Not much, really, but things I do think about.

Person A: "I think I'll buy that item of merchandise."
Person B: "How much does that item of merchandise cost?"
Person A: "Well, it's only a dollar."
Person B: "Hey - a dollar is a dollar!"

What a stupid expression! I can't beleive that we have evolved to a point in society where the expression "an X is an X" actually means something. Well, a 10-ton hippo is a 10-ton hippo! A beer is a beer. A car is a car. A spinal cord is a spinal cord. Well, you get the idea. I think that the use of this expression has totally gotten out of hand - and I just wanted to make a point. But, you know, a point is a point.

Dave's Top 10 "Groovy" Web Sites - April
because they don't have to be great, just groovy.

10. I love a good conspiracy theory.
9. People only make it on Biography if they are groovy.
8. What can be groovier than playing a little NTN at the Spoke?
7. Playing NTN at the Spoke wearing a Hawaiian Shirt!
6. Or playing NTN, wearing a Hawaiian Shirt, and drinking some Jack Daniels.
5. I just cannot get enough of groovy british author Douglas Adams.
4. Everyone needs to learn how to juggle their responsibilities.
3. This is a fairly groovy & comprehensive Comic Strip List - including one of my faves - overboard.
2. This links to a groovy song lyric site, and continues with the Two theme.
1. I thought long and hard about what I thought should be my final "groovy" web site, and I finally decided on this one, but not because of the site, but because of this song.

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