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Hidiley-Ho Westerinos! Well, here it is: my 1st "Monthly Web Address". (clap.wav)

I'll be the first one to admit that it took me a while to get off my bum and do this page, but it's a little hard to motivate yourself to do a web page when nobody knows about your web site (yet!).

If you're an interested student (not just one of my nerdy friends who I told to check out this page) and you surfed your way here to learn more about what your president is doing for you, then Congratulations! You've proved that it was all worth my time. Score 2 points if you actually read this in August, score 3 points if you were reading another monthly address and decided to go back and read the ones you've missed, and score 1 point if you are just one of my nerdy friends.

So here is the deal with the Presidential Address: At the end of each month (or the weekend at the end of the month) I'll be typing up my month-end report affectionally called the "Report to Council". At the same time, I'll do the presedential address for the next month. So the address will focus on "what's coming", while the report to council is more about "what came". In addition, I want to include some monthly features, such as "Random Thoughts", "Current Projects" and my "Top 10 Groovy Web Sites". I figure the best way to get people to read these pages is to keep them entertaining. The page will undoubtably evolve throughout the school year, so stay tuned.

Current Projects
Special things I'm working on over the next month.

Random Thoughts - August
Not much, really, but things I do think about.

Dave's Top 10 "Groovy" Web Sites - August
because they don't have to be great, just groovy.

10. WWWF Grudge Match
9. Publishers Clearing House!
8. Motiv8
7. romance.net - Horoscope
6. Suck (It's not what you think)
5. TV Nation Home Page
4. Canada411 - Find A Person / Find A Business
3. Internet Gaming Zone
2. Discoland: Where The Music Never Ends!
1. For the last time, I'm the USC Prez, not the USC Pez.

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