June Monthly Report to Council.
Dave Tompkins, President 1996-97

"But when his drinking and lusting and his hunger for power became known to more and more people, the demands to do something about this outrageous man became louder and louder." - Rasputin, by Boney M

"If you have no will to change it, you have no right to criticize it." - H.G. Wells

"The best reason I can think of for not running for president of the United States is that you have to shave twice a day." - Adlai Stevenson


Thatís the sound of June rushing by. Just for the record, itís really really hard to recreate the Doppler effect on paper.


My sincere thanks and admiration to all the people that helped out with super-con. Mike, Melissa and Craig did a superb job, but the whole thing wouldnít have been possible without the support staff. It was a great experience for me, and it was fun to be the conference host. Humourous memories include:

So, as you can probably tell, it was a "super" time.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct has shifted from neutral into second gear. It looked like it was going to stall when there were some new politics being tossed around by SOGS and the TA union, but it has smoothed out. I am very optimistic that this document will be fair and appropriate, and will be a net positive for the undergraduate students.

Student Services Committee

There were three meetings of the SSC in the month of June, with each one to deal with a specific issue. The outcome of each meeting was essentially "Yes, this is a problem, and we are looking for ways to remedy the situation." We are expecting to get a firmer admin commitment in July.

Student Health Services
The big beef for SHS is: Where does our $41/year go? In the Health Industry, there are three main categories of service:

Where everything gets tense is that SHS doesnít have the proper accounting system set up to viably say exactly where our fees go. Itís quite possible that our fees are subsidizing some b) services and some a) services. Itís a big political issue and the ministry of Health is involved. I just wanted to make sure you understood the problem.

Athletic Injuries Clinic
One of the fundamental principles in the Canada Health Act is that you cannot pay to get priory service in a public health clinic. But, in the Universityís (thatís right, the Universityís, not the Studentís) Contract with the AIC, it says that students will pay $200,000/year (approx. $8/student) for the privilege of priority service at the AIC. So what are you upset about - the fact that youíre paying for priority service at all, or that youíre paying for priority service and not getting it? Take your pick. This one is a little more cut-and-dry.

Student Support Fee
This one really bugs me. Each student pays $50/year directly into the Universityís core budget, and we have no idea where it is being spent. Iím not even sure if this is allowed by the ministry. They say it goes towards scholarships, but they canít force you to help pay for scholarships. Iím crossing my fingers, but It looks like we might get this fee phased out for 97-98.

Meet The Board

We had a little coffee and luncheon and invited over 150 bigwigs from all over the university. It was set up at the Wave. The turnout was a tad dismal (no more than 40), but it was a great opportunity to put the names with the faces of some of the movers and shakers on campus, and to have a few casual and candid conversations.


Whee! I graduated. Just had to mention it.

Community Relations Task Force

This was my disappointment of the month. Heck, the title of the committee was really cool, but I found it to be a tad on the "ineffective" side. Silver lining was that it was my first trip to Davenportís House.

In Summary

I know last report I whined about difficulties adjusting to the job. Well Iím done whining about that, and now I can whine about the job itself. Seriously, the month of June went by just as quick as May, but then again, I was at a conference for over a third of the month. Iím feeling much more comfortable in the job. Last month I gave the analogy of just trying to tread water. Well now Iím treading water, but Iím also doing the breast stroke here and there, and on occasion throwing in a back stroke or a butterfly. And, at the risk of taking the swimming analogy too far, I think that in the next month or so, the entire board will look like synchronized swimmers. I canít believe that the summer is Ĺ over, and what I really canít believe is that David Lee Roth is getting back together with Van Halen. What is this world coming to?

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