Dave Tompkins
Students' Council President

Dave has had an outstanding academic career. In high school, Dave was voted most likely to succeed, and was selected as the most promising student in both Mathematics and Computer Science. When admitted to Western, he received several 4 year continuing scholarships: The Canada scholarship, UWO entrance scholarship, and a Labatt scholarship. Dave studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering concurrently, and maintained positions on the Deans' honour roll every year. Dave received awards for attaining the highest electrical average in second and third year, and was awarded the Harry Cross gold medal for being the top graduate in Electrical Engineering. Dave received an award of merit for his graduating thesis, where he programmed an intelligence system for a robot. Dave received his BSc. in Computer Science in 1994, and his BESc. in Electrical Engineering in 1996. After completing his term as president, he may consider a Masters degree. Dave has already been accepted for an NSERC scholarship, and an OGS scholarship for post-graduate study.

The President of the University Students' Council deals with a very broad range of issues. Being the only representative elected from the entire undergraduate population, there is a responsibility to be the student advocate on issues and events both on and off campus. As president of the council, the president has a responsibility to oversee the operations and set direction. Although all council issues are under the umbrella of the president's portfolio, the president is specifically responsible for chairing the following committees: internal review, external affairs, nominating, agenda, and the advisory caucus. The president is also chair of the Board of Directors for the USC, and has all the fiduciary responsibilities that are associated with the position. The president traditionally sits on the university senate committee on university planning, and makes presentations to various senate and board of governors committees.

Dave will be launching numerous plans and projects throughout the year. In the broad sense, there are a few key concepts that will be present throughout the years activities:

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