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I promised that I would get my October page up fast, and I think I delivered - this page went up October 2nd. I hope that you appreciate this.

October is by far my favourite month of the year. First of all, the weather is perfect. I live for the "jacket on, but undone" lifestyle. Next, of course it's the month that contains my Birthday, October 31st. Yes, I was born on Halloween. People always feel comfort in knowing I was born on that day, so don't feel bad if you thought that also. October is when we always have Homecoming! And don't forget about Thanksgiving: the holiday that almost invariably gives you no labs for a week. And of course, the centrepeice for many a waterbuffalo's October, Oktoberfest.

I think October is the "settling down" month for everybody. September rushes by so quick, and before you know it you have assignments and tests coming out of your wazoo. You have to force yourself to get into your groove, buckle down, and enjoy the ride. All things being equal, I think that many a students' academic success was determined in October.  Keep that in mind.

Just a few reminders, don't forget to get out and vote on October 22nd & 23rd for the fall by-election. Also, don't forget to fill out an Address Change form for the student directory (you can also ensure your number is unlisted). There are still tons of activities going on in October, so check them out.

Have a fun October, Western!

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Random Thoughts - October
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Dave's Top 10 "Groovy" Web Sites - October
because they don't have to be great, just groovy.

10. Feel lucky, punk?
9. Word up.
8. For the full effect, you really have to sing along with the Star Wars Parodies.
7. www.copacobana.com
6. YASEWAT (Yet Another Search Engine With A Twist - Go Nerds!)
5. Bob. Not a magic 8-ball, but still worth consulting.
4. On a more serious note, all students should know their photocopying rights.
3. Dave Barry is just plain funny.
2. Two thumbs up for these guys.
1. Read 'em and weep!

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