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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [11-21-96]

Happy New Year, or ... as Eddie Murphy says in the classic movie Trading places, "Merry New Year!"

Okay, okay - don't bother looking for it ... there wasn't a December web page. I'm sorry if I disappointed some of you, but I was extremely busy at the start of December, and by the time I was ready to do it, everyone was knee deep in exams, and there didn't seem to be much point. I will have an April page though, and I'll make it a big goodbye page - a real tear jerker - I promise.

So the first week back we all get flooded with the dreaded question - "So how was your Christmas?" What do you say? My favourite has been "Santa was good to me" which is can be easily followed up by "Was he good to you to?" I'm not very good at these polite little conversations, but they are a necessary evil.

Santa was pretty good to me. Much to my surprise, My parents got me a VCR. It's a Samsung, but Sears has gone and stuck their name on it (who do they think they're kidding, anyway?) Inspired by my new VCR, I moved my little 14" television from my computer desk to beside my bed. Now, I can lie in bed all day long and watch movies. In fact, I spent a couple of days over the holidays doing just that. I felt very Brian Wilson. But I'm never at home, and so now I can program my VCR to my heart's content. In fact, while I'm writing this on a Sunday evening, I'm taping the Simpsons. (yes, I know there are better Simpsons pages, but that is the official one). Yes, I know what you are saying, thanks for sharing ...

So about 30 seconds ago, when I was deciding what to type next, I decided to come up with some New Year's Resolutions. I figured that if I put them on the web page I'd have a better chance of keeping them. So here I go... (in no particular order)

Work Related New Year's Resolutions:

Personal New Year's Resolutions:

So there you go. January is starting, and everyone is looking to start the year of fresh. I hope that you can keep your resolutions, and I look forward to seeing you at the Charity Ball.

Current Projects
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Random Thoughts - January
Not much, really, but things I do think about.


MR. HOWARD, whose niece is
LISA HOWARD, who was in 1918, with

Dave's Top 10 "Groovy" Web Sites - January
because they don't have to be great, just groovy.

10. I think that deep down, there is a bit of Al in all of us. (O.K. - I have beard envy)
9. Here's an important student site: OSAP On-Line.
8. An ongoing tradition - a joint Ménard / Tompkins pick: The 80's Page.
7. I thought The Movie Sounds Page was groovy, until I found the Earchive: Way Groovier!
6. In the good old days, when I had time for video games, I would have bought Diablo in a second. Ho Hum.
5. The Whole Wheat side of you should read The Smith Report.
4. But the frosted side of you just wants to have Fun.
3. People just don't believe me: Alanis was on You Can't Do That On Television.
2. It's amazing the cool stuff you can find by just searching on the word Two.
1. I CAN HARDLY WAIT... I AM SO EXCITED! http://www.starwars.com.

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