Ubuntu How To

Questions and answers about how to accomplish various tasks in the CSCF standard Ubuntu image.

See Also: DebianHowTo

General environment

Q: How do I become root?

A: You don't. See BasicAdminTasks#Become_root.

Q2: But I really want to...

A2; use sudo -s to get root privileges (but you're still "you"), then use su - root You will now be root.

Q: How do I find out what version of Ubuntu I have running?

A: lsb_release -d

Q: How do I create a tar file containing files owned by other userids?

A: See UbuntuFakeroot

Q: Tricks and Tips for dpkg/apt[-get] ?

A: See UbuntuDpkgApt



Q: How do I fix ssh to connect to Solaris machines quickly

A: add the following to the aliases section in .bashrc
    • alias ssh='ssh -X'

Q: How do I mount my CS core home directory?

A: there are a probably a couple of ways, but here's one suggestion, using sshfs
  • sudo apt-get install sshfs
  • $ sshfs core.cs: mountpoint (where "mountpoint" is wherever you want your CS core home directory mounted locally)
  • If that fails (as it originally did in my case), you may need to do the following
    • sudo chmod o+x /usr/bin/fusermount
    • sudo modprobe fuse
    • sudo chmod o+rw /dev/fuse
  • Note: you will probably need to do something to have this happen automatically after a reboot
  • For further notes on sshfs, see: SshFs

Q: How do I make ethernet work again after Ubuntu image restores

A: See UbuntuUdevHacks

Desktop environment

Q: How do I add shortcuts on the Panel

  • eg: adding the Terminal Icon to the Panel:
    • Applications -> Accessories
    • right-click on Terminal
    • Choose "Add this launcher to panel"

Q: How do I add a Launcher that opens a Folder or File

A: Folder Example
  • Right Click on Taskbar -> Add to Panel -> Custom Application Launcher -> +Add
    • Type: Location
    • Name: Title - example name of folder
    • Command: file:///home/userid/myfolder
    • Comment: can be same as Name
    • ICON: change to suite

Q. How do I set up my screen to auto-lock after 10 minutes of idle time?

  • System -> Preferences - Screensaver (2nd one!)
  • check "Lock screen when Screen saver is active"

Thunderbird Configuration

Assign a Signature

  1. create a text file with your signature text
  2. Tools -> Account Settings... -> (on main Account Settings tab) "[x] Attach this signature" -> browse to signature text file

Put a timestamp in your message replies:

  1. http://www.mozilla.org/support/thunderbird/tips#beh_replyheader
    • Note that it mentions putting the indicated code in your user.js file. By default, this doesn't exist. Create it in the same directory as prefs.js then add the code. You should be able to find your prefs.js file in ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/default/???.slt
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