CSCF Objectives and Milestones Winter 2017

January 2017

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Hardware Acquisition, Deployment, and Lifecycle Management

Plan, purchase, configure, deploy and manage lifecycle of equipment for offices, labs, and server rooms.
  • Objective: timely deployment of desktop/laptop equipment to incoming graduate students
    • W17 (INF): Desktop equipment prepared for assignment to incoming S17 grads by April 15th, based on March 1 best estimate of requirements (ST#108774)
    • F16 (INF/RSG): acquire and deploy equipment for incoming W17 grads before the holiday break, for equipment choices/locations identified by the grad office before 2 December (not done - we did not have info from the grad office by 2 December)
    • F16 (INF): purchase grad equipment for W17 in mid-October, based on best estimates of requirements available at that time, so that all equipment is here by end of November (done - equipment is assigned for all incoming we know of for January)
    • S16 (INF/RSG) acquire and deploy equipment for incoming F16 students by 31 August, for equipment choices/locations identified by the grad office before 10 August (done - 12 students)
  • Objective: CSCF-standard equipment configurations and images, updated on an annual cycle
    • W17 (INF): New (Fall 2017) Win10/Ubuntu image ready for use on May desktop deployments (ST#108775)
    • F16 (INF): patch the current (Win10/14.04) image for W17 deployments (done)
    • F16 (INF): tentative 2017 hardware configuration (done)

Machine Rooms and Server Infrastructure

Machine rooms and infrastructure for School and research equipment.
  • Objective: redundant machine rooms to host CS on-line services
  • S16 (INF): improved bandwidth between CS machine rooms to support replicated services (mostly done - 40 Gb links in place between two pairs of rooms)
  • Objective: rationalize CS networks
  • F16 (INF): server vlans routed on server room switches, client vlans routed on building aggregation switches (not done, not a priority for W17)
  • Objective: flexible, up-to-date server infrastructure
  • W17 (INF/TOP) No SCS servers running end-of-life ubuntu 12.04 (ST#108308)
  • F16 (TOP/INF) migrate/update fms12.cs from Vmware4 to Vmware5 (done)
  • Objective: load balancing and failover for critical CS on-line services
  • F16: (INF): deploy redundant load balancing service (done)

Teaching Labs

Management of teaching labs in support of academic programs.
  • Objective: usage statistics for all teaching labs
    • W17 (TOP/INF): Director-accessible tabular usage data (room, time, count) for all MC labs, with on-going updates and no discard of old data (DONE) (ST#108777)
  • Objective: evergreen Lab computing equipment
    • W17 (INF/TOP): Acquire/install new desks in MC3027 (ST#106260)
    • W17 (INF/TOP): Prepare project plan for evergreening MC3003 in August (Done) (ST#108594)
    • S16 (INF/TOP): Refresh (equipment, furniture) in MC 3005 (Mac lab) (done)
    • S16 (INF/TOP): Acquire/install new desks in MC3027 (Mac lab) (deferred)
    • S16 (INF/TOP): evergreen MC3018 (real-time lab) equipment (done)
    • S16 (INF/TOP): evergreen MC3007 (graphics lab) - four new stations (partially done, partially deferred)
  • Objective: ensure that lab equipment is functional and secure
    • W17 (TOP): Investigate alternatives to punch key code access to labs, to simplify code management (ST#108783)
    • F16 (TOP): docs for external users explaining what's available in the teaching labs (not done, cancel)
    • F16 (TOP): incorporate monitoring systems (Nagios) into Caspar admin interface (done??)
    • S16 (TOP): have ISA desktops and all Mac labs managed by Caspar suite and upgraded to Mac OS 10.11 (done)
    • S16 (TOP/INF): as Mac labs are OS upgraded, move each to a separate VLAN (done)
  • Objective: simple access to programming contest server from any general purpose lab
    • F16 (INF): system for providing remote contest server desktops available for use in Mac labs for F16 contests (mostly done, some unresolved issues with Mac xserver hanging)
  • Objective: lab for use by CS coursework Mmath students
    • W17 (TOP/INF) Update work-sites in DC3335 coursework MMath lab (1/3 Mac, 1/3 dual-boot PC, 1/3 power/networking only) (Done) (ST#108659)
    • F16: (INF/TOP) plan for refurbish of coursework Mmath lab, and move to new space once identified (new space not known yet)

Meeting Room and Public Space Management

Management of A/V in CS meeting rooms.
  • Objective: A/V for grad classrooms and meeting rooms
    • W17 (TOP/INF): install podium monitor in DC2585 (ST#108784)
    • W17 (INF/TOP): Plan, get approval for, and deploy video upgrade in DC2568 grad classroom (Forget) (ST#108778)
    • F16 (TOP): plan, get approval for, and deploy video upgrade in DC2568 grad classroom (not done)
  • Objective: Manage and maintain SCS public display boards
  • F16 (TOP) - plan and obtain approval for third SCS public display, in Great Hall (cancelled)

On-Line Services: Database Management

Backend database services to support other on-line services and School operations.
  • Objective: Highly available MySQL cluster to serve non-teaching applications, including ST, inventory.
    • W17 (TOP): Implement auto-restart for HA-MySQL (ST#108785)

On-Line Services: Linux Computing Environments

Linux computing environment(s) for teaching and for faculty/staff/grad general use.
  • Objective: track Ubuntu LTS releases in teaching and general environments
    • W17 (INF/TOP): linux.cs and linux.student.cs refer to ubuntu 16.04 servers (ST#108779)
    • S16 (INF): ubuntu 16.04 servers on-line, announced and available for end-user testing in both general and teaching environments (not done, but close)

On-Line Services: Teaching Systems

Systems for marking, assignment submission, and other teaching-related tasks.
  • Objective: manage on-going operation of Seashell service
  • S16 (TOP): transition Seashell to a CSCF-managed service (done)
  • Objective: manage and maintain Markus
  • W17 (TOP/INF): Update assignments.student.cs container to 16.04 (ST#107830)
  • F16 (TOP): upgrade Markus to version 1.2 (done, upgraded to 1.4)
  • F16 (INF/TOP): update assignments.student.cs container (12.04 to 16.04) (deferred to April 2017)
  • F16 (INF/TOP): saltify markus and marmoset deployment onto assignment.student.cs (deferred to April 2017)
  • Objective: manage and maintain Marmoset
  • F16 (TOP): configuration improvements to Marmoset to improve reliability (progress)
  • Objective: ISG server for CS200
  • F16 (TOP) decommission and shut down Oscar, old ISG server for CS200 (done)
  • Objective: support phones for CS446 and other courses
  • W17 (TOP): Acquire ThinkingApe-funded phones, and develop plan for managing them beyond W17. (ST#108786)

On-Line Services: File Storage

File storage for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Objective: highly-available network file service (NetApp) with limited capacity (4GB/undergrad, 20GB/ grad, 50GB/faculty)
  • Objective: highly-available, performant, high-capacity file service (DFS) for SCS faculty, staff, grads
    • W17 (RSG/INF/TOP): Director-accessible downtime records (start time, duration, planned/unplanned,reason) for DFS and FSS services, regularly updated and not discarded (ST#108780) (Done)
    • W17 (RSG/INF): DFS in production under FSS ST#105604
    • F16 (INF/RSG): DFS in production under FSS (not done, progress)
  • Objective: file syncing/sharing (FSS) service for SCS faculty, staff, grads
    • W17 (RSG/INF): Soft roll-out of FSS service to SCS ST#105554
    • F16 (INF/RSG): roll-out of FSS service to SCS (not done, progress)
  • Objective: reliable Samba service
    • F16: (INF): Redundant samba service for both teaching and general environments (done)

On-Line Services: Email

Supplemental e-mail services to support of SCS-specific requirements.
  • Objective: SCS mail exchange service supporting local mail scripting and SCS-specific aliases.
    • W17 (INF/TOP): Review, re-design and re-deploy existing (MX) exchange service, modernizing and avoiding current spam-forwarding problem. ST#103315
    • F16 (INF): re-design and re-deploy existing (MX) exchange service, modernizing and avoiding current spam-forwarding problem. (not done)
    • S16 (INF): re-design and re-deploy existing exchange service, modernizing and avoiding current spam-forwarding problem. (not done)

On-Line Services: WWW

Web presence for SCS and CSCF
  • Objective: refresh/upgrade CSCF web presence
    • F16 (TOP/RSG): plan content of revised site (not done)
    • F16 (TOP/RSG): decision about moving CSCF web to WCMS (not done)
    • F16 (TOP/RSG): WCMS training for at least one staff (not done)
  • Objective: support CS web presence
    • W17 (INF/RSG): Deploy Ubuntu-16.04 Apache 3-node cluster ST#108781
    • W17 (TOP/RSG): Migration of CS WCMS content from Math to UW ST#93697
    • F16 (TOP/RSG): migration of CS WCMS content from Math to UW (not done)

Teaching/Administrative Services

Custom services in support of teaching and School administration.
  • S16 (TOP): investigate waiting/ticketing system for new ISG student waiting area (cancelled)
  • S16 (TOP): assist with CS transition to IST's staff absence management system (done)
  • S16 (TOP): assist with SCS sharepoint reorganization (not done, not client priority)
  • S16 (TOP): investigate Faculty on-boarding with Sharepoint (not done, not client priority)
  • S16 (TOP): transition CS349 from svn to git (done)

Research Services

Custom services in support of research activities.
  • Objective: * Paper * cluster - research infrastructure from surplus equipment, operated on a cost-recovery basis.
  • Objective: SCS research computing systems and grad/faculty desktops behind UW-mandated firewall
    • F16 (RSG): get remaining research nets behind the firewall (done)
    • S16 (RSG): finish research group consultations and have client net behind the firewall (client nets done, most research nets are done)
SCS Software Projects: Exam Management System (EMS) System to support exam seating, printing, and marking.
  • Objective: on-going operation and management, client assistance, handled by TOP group
    • W17 (RSG): PoC for EMS for other Depts: Accounting & Financial Mgmt, Chemistry, Engineering, Stats, Distance - posted on the Odyssey EMS help page.(ST#104199)
    • F16 (RSG): PoC for EMS for other Depts: Accounting & Financial Mgmt, Chemistry, Engineering, Stats, Distance - posted on the Odyssey EMS help page. (not done - there is a page of contacts, but it is not linked and some are confirmed)
    • S16 (RSG/TOP): continue Nick as primary point of contact for EMS help (done)
  • Objective: on-going feature enhancement
    • W17 (RSG): Revamped EMS UI is live (ST#103701)
    • F16 (RSG): revamp EMS UI (supervised by Daniel) (not done, progress. Beta is live.)
    • S16 (RSG): testing of new EMS feature: push exam marks from Crowdmark into Learn (done)

SCS Software Projects: Grad Visit Day System

System to support annual Grad Visit Day, including scheduling
  • Objective: ensure reliable system operation, customization and enhancements

SCS Software Projects: TA Evaluation System

Proposed system to support TA Evaluation workflow for the Grad Office.
  • Objective: design, develop, deploy, maintain
    • F16 (RSG): solicit feedback on TA evaluation system, propose any Phase 2 changes (Isaac) (not done, not a priority for W17)
    • S16 (RSG): initial use and testing for S16 TA evaluations (done)

SCS Software Project: Teaching Preference System

System to collect faculty teaching preferences.
  • Objective: ensure reliable system operation, refine and enhance as needed

SCS Software Projects: OAT

Backend database supporting advising tools, UW Portal, EMS, and other applications.
  • Objective: ensure reliable system operation, enhance functionality
    • W17 (RSG): All raw data inputs made available in the OAT DB for querying (ST#108787)
    • S16 (RSG): add admissions data (not done, external challenges)

SCS Software Projects: OGSAS

System to support graduate admissions workflow.
  • Objective: ensure reliable system operation, on-going feature enhancement
    • F16 (RSG): solicit feedback, propose new features if needed (not done, not a priority for W17)
    • S16 (RSG): implement modifications requested by Assoc. Director Grad Studies (done)
  • Objective: port OGSAS to OAT backend
    • S16 (RSG): port OGSAS to OAT (not done, blocked on data availability)

CSCF-Internal Systems: Accounts Management

Manage and utilize accounts data for CS students, faculty, and staff
  • Objective: exploit OAT database for accounts data
  • F16 (INF/RSG): get course enrollment (group) data in Directory Service from OAT DB (not done, some progress)

CSCF-Internal Systems: Inventory

System to track equipment inventory.
  • Objective: ensure reliable operation, feature enhancements

CSCF-Internal Systems: Research Subscription System

System to manage research support subscriptions, track time, generate bills
  • Objective: ensure reliable operation, feature enhancements
    • W17 (RSG): Prepare subscription system to support annual billing (ST#108788)
    • F16 (RSG): modify subscription system as necessary for revised billing model (unnecessary)

CSCF-Internal Systems: Request Tracking

System to track research support requests.
  • Objective: move CSCF request tracking to RT by 1 May 2017
    • W17 (RSG/TOP/INF): RT goes live (all new requests and updates in RT) on 1 May (ST#108789)
    • W17 (RSG/TOP/INF): Fewer than 50 open requests per staff member by term's end, and none assigned to non-staff (ST#108790)
    • F16 (RSG/TOP/INF): RT replacement for ST system in test, with sample queues and staff dashboards (not done)
    • S16 (RSG/INF/TOP): plan for moving CSCF request tracking to RT (done - #103960)

Strategic Planning

Review and long-term planning of CSCF services.
  • W17 (INF/RSG): Develop plan for SCS PostgreSQL servers (Done) (ST#108782)
  • F16 (INF/TOP) develop printing support plan (not done)
  • F16 (TOP) investigate and possible deploy/migrate on campus Slack aternative (have mattermost test server)
  • S16 (INF/TOP): review remaining mail services in student environment and set objectives (not done)
  • S16 (INF): develop long-term plan for backup and archiving (review done, plan not done)
  • S16 (INF/RSG): go/no-go decision on owncloud/file service project (done)
  • S16 (TOP/INF): review applications that remain on MySQL in the student environment and develop a plan for supporting them (not done)
  • S16 (INF/RSG): review existing PostgreSQL/Odyssey infrastructure and develop a plan for managing it (review done, plan not done)


Manage CSCF spending on staff, equipment, and services.
  • Objective: Produce annual equipment budget proposal for SCS.
    • W17 (INF/RSG/TOP): Final FY17 budgets to SCS (Done) (ST#106234)
    • F16 (INF): draft FY17 budget (not done)
  • Objective: Timely and well-managed spending - avoid last minute spending.
    • W17 (INF/TOP/RSG): Complete FY16 equipment spending (ST#109322)
    • W17 (TOP/INF/RSG): Develop a process for managing staff budget
    • F16 (INF): At least 85% of CSCF budget spent by 31 December (not done, progress - about 70% spent through November)
    • S16 (INF/TOP/RSG): Develop spending plan for FY16 budget. (done #676380)
    • S16 (INF/TOP/RSG): At least 40% of CSCF budget spent by August 31st. (done)
  • _Objective: timely billing of researchers for research services _
    • W17 (RSG): Combined F16/W17 bills distributed in Jan 2017
    • F16 (RSG): F16 billing under new billing model by end of October (not done, progress)
    • S16 (RSG): S16 bills out by the end of May 2016 (done, but at end of August)
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