OFIS Notes from 25 November, 2010


Marlon: importing watiam and HR data automatically now. But what about errors in data? solving seems higher priority than postgres.

Marlon: office of research was going to get fixed data early Nov.; having problems, will get it in Dec? GSO: will get their latest fixed data in Dec?... For merit reports, profs don't start using until mid-dec; others won't start until it's due in jan...

Olga: discussed at ? committee, don't like pushing more work to department-level admin staff. suggestion to versioning systems just between faculty and authoritative source? could we track user-edited versus imported changes?

Daniel: we do need department-level checks; b/c otherwise how do we send data back to original sources? They wanted changes to come from departments and faculties, not faculty members.

Olga: where are most errors coming from? (not sure; Marlon looking. found list in errors table over 2y period; appears to be mostly IAP and OoR.)

Daniel: shall we write up our rules for fixing? Also, the project should have a mandate to close the loop between sending data back to source?

  • Vu: unhappy about complicating the system unnecessarily. Faculty are unhappy enough with OFIS, don't want to add more complexity.
  • Long discussion; we seem mostly in agreement that changes should be mostly behind the scenes with imports; and the reason faculty are unhappy is the data is bad, and the best way to improve data quality is: use the faculty changes immediately on input, but feed them to the proper sources.

  • Overview of data/processes for correcting errors.
  • will need to involve GSO/OoR staff (Wendy told Marlon corrections should go through Dept)

  • Marlon's understandings of authoritative sources and what they're authoritative for:
    • dept admin: OOR?, HR
    • faculty admin: HR, GSO?
    • watiam (end-user can change email and webpages only; telephone services authoritative for others)
    • "edu/info" (new GSO system)

Workflow breakdowns: corrections not going back to original source.


  • WatITis slides: Olga/Beth: live data, or doctored slides?
    • Olga is fine with live data
  • fixed CS menus to remove extra "Sabbatical Leaves"
  • found phone-number errors in WatIAM raw data extract; discussed with Marlon.
    • errors in watiam extract -> marlon will ST it, and if necessary send to sean mason
  • Move expertise keywords changes live?
    • Daniel will do this. Marlon says the database changes are done.

Daniel deferred until future date discussion on:

  • Awards and Recognitions: default to"Display on Web"?
  • process for improving CS teaching roster data to include faculty userid?
  • published book has (accepted) date?!

Future Tasks

  • Daniel: move expertise keywords live; finish (and share) WatITis slides; finish Research Book, possibly next week?
    • Awards and Recognitions: default to"Display on Web"?
    • process for improving CS teaching roster data to include faculty userid?
    • published book has (accepted) date?!
-- DanielAllen - 25 Nov 2010
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