OFIS Notes from 22 July, 2010

Past CS tasks

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  • Daniel: will email OFIS list when CS profs get sent the email to update profiles
  • Beth: interviewing Dean's office re: faculty members data held in overlapping DBs in Dean's Office. Karen Dubois has redundant data could go into OFIS. Used to: make dep't lists; trigger requests for reappointments, new faculty, should be invited to Dean's dinner, and such. On request of Dean, she's looking into how to de-duplicate. May need OFIS interface changes (or could be kept separate). To be determined.
  • Daniel: Similarly: Course critique info: probably in CS db. in Postgres, export to OFIS.
  • Marlon: OFIS should be running on Postgres as well, eventually.
  • Marlon: GSO cleanups. Has logic for handling supervision data, he believes. And student end-to-end history. Wants to provide accurate dates, somehow, in OFIS. And another tricky part: merging supervision table with student-degree table- not exactly one-to-one. Going to drop "In progress" column.
    • Beth: need to produce list of in-progress and completed in Merit report. (OK; solves that problem)
  • Marlon: add interface to have more accurate data: split information: non-editable top portion, editable bottom for manually entered (eg; people GSO doesn't have). Need to clarify date-range problem.
    • will keep prototyping.
    • we can split visual display so it's clear who profs should complain to? GSO?...
    • supervisor IDs that are zero: leads to missing data. Will follow up with Wendy: who are these people?
      • revisions to admit terms: also causing errors;
      • other error sources; don't know if some students ended.
  • Beth: Mary Jane Jennings (high up in IAP) sees OFIS as institutional resource down the road. Problem: getting data in.
    • John Thompson (Office of Research, from last week) sugg. she talk to Faradun about how to get historic and contemporary data in.
  • Vu: 0000's problem from last week is resolved.
  • Jack: working on css

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Daniel: copy over profile code; ask Tamer about Awards data

-- DanielAllen - 22 Jul 2010

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