Where are we?

Overall goals:

- import and validation of CS data
  - contributions
    - bibtex import: parsing
      - mapping fields: questions answered
        - publisher_city / conference_location mutually exclusive
      - bibtex user interface:
        - design in early stages.
   - editing data: needs work
        - goals: 
          - reusability within OFIS
          - able to be benchmarked
          - allows updates 

    - bibtex import: data
      - most automated way possible to import existing data
        - and to correct it

  - reviewing (validation?) of existing imported data for CS faculty:
    [ by whom? mostly Daniel for now ]
    - supervisory experience
    - teaching
    - research support

  - non-imported data: any sources to automate?
    - academic background: degree; field; institution; country; dates
    - expertise: keywords; fill-in paragraphs
    - employment: history; leaves; advancement in rank
    - awards and recognitions
    - supervisory experience - for earlier data not imported by GSO
    - service: internal; professional; community
    - IP Disclosure
    - professional designation / registration: [needed for math/cs?]
    - merit report comments: [needed?]
    - other sections required by math/cs?

- data correction: an eye toward improving on existing OFIS correction efforts
  - background activity; low-priority currently
  - Daniel's idea to discuss with OFIS crew: "data overlay" - use correct data in OFIS
    even if incorrect in external sources?

- schema changes?...
  - want to identify schema [delta] for math, more or less
  - q: visible external schema; for profs to understand business rules? not really; but:
    - profs will want to understand where data gets used.
    - schema requires full list of outputs: 
      - annual report
      - [for future] student evaluations, though not req'd for our annual report
      - existing webpage / research book / enhanced-webpage
        - we haven't done work for publishing 2009 research book: either we do it in OFIS, or do it manually, late.
        - medium priority, given existing working process

      - OCGS report
      - CV
        - is this useful for CS in current form? Daniel will ask Peter F. and/or other profs.
          - likely low priority
    - which requires asking prof(s) about data recorded in reports
    - Daniel will talk to PaF about who to talk to & follow up, w/ profs & Tamir.

- deliverables for this term [Tamir and Daniel]:
  - schema for math/CS [Daniel to start]
  - annual report [Daniel and Tamir]
    -  in latex
    -  in .rtf - cleaned up
  - investigation of webpage to match research directory book [Daniel]
    - what does this need?
      - "research group" : affiliations.php
  - OCGS report [Daniel]
    - missing data for prior grad-students; and "lifetime" counts
    - Daniel will ask OFIS about placeholder data for these. 
      [see: life time summary edit-fields]
  - CV [Daniel]
    - is this useful for CS in current form? 
      - Daniel will ask Peter F. and/or other profs.
    - likely low priority
  - import of CS data
    - bibtex import scripts within ofis [Tamir]
    - investigate other requirements [Daniel]
  - validation of CS data [Daniel]
    - look at how much we can do before showing data to profs...
  - benchmarking data [Tamir]
  - presentation to CS faculty [Daniel and Tamir]
    - school council, 2nd wednesday of ? month.  Nov 11 too soon; Dec 9 possibly.
      - Daniel will investigate.


-  answers to planning questions: Wednesday 4 November: [Daniel]
  - full list of necessary CS/Math outputs in some form or another
  - involves talking to Peter Forsyth and other profs
  - what data import can be automated for this round?

- ready for demo to OFIS by Wednesday 11 November: [Tamir]
  - bibtex import (standalone, not integrated inside OFIS)

- ready for testing by 1 December: [Tamir and Daniel]
  - integrated bibtex import
    - with benchmarking 
  - annual reports, both formats

- plan for next term by 11 December: [Daniel and Tamir]

- revisions based on initial testing for 9 December: [Tamir and Daniel]
  - for demo to school council
  - plus a plan for the demo

- final deliverables 18 December, plus a few days wrapup 21-23 Dec.

-- DanielAllen - 29 Oct 2009

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