Moving mail
   - Mike Gore and Lawrence Folland
   - 2004/11/25

 - need to know what client(s) they're using
 - get a .forward file setup
 - setup clients to read from new location
 - move data to new location
 - clients are either on the unix machine or separate client machines
 - possible clients:
    - Eudora
    - Mozilla derivatives
    - pine, elm
       - fairly easy to move
    - Thunderbird
    - Outlook (Express) :-0
 - Spam/mail filtering processes need to be migrated
    - along with Beysian statistical files
 - to remove mail services from the server entirely:
    - need to migrate all users
    - change MX records
    - verify that there are no other related MX records

- scripts to identify user behaviour
   - look for evidence of pine/elm config files
   - list of all users to send preliminary introductory email

   - create template email with:
      - overall plans
      - request for client used info
      - instructions on do-it-yourself mail moving
      - request for feedback
      - links for further details
-- LawrenceFolland - 25 Nov 2004
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