Inventory Wish List Review



  • Requested features? small-group at white-boards; max. 20 minutes
    • Integration with External Tools / Databases
    • Cleanup / Efficiency
    • Other
  • Report back to large group - max. 10 minutes
  • Vote on items - max. 10 minutes
  • Synopsis: do we have consensus on most-requested features? (ran out of time; synopsis and road-map are below)

Requested Features

(initials: MF = MFCF)

Default sorted by number of votes.

To sort by Category, click on the Category column header. Photos of the three whiteboards are attached below.

Category Description ST# Votes Roadmap: For version
Other Dependancy / Parent + see-also (two-way link) ST#105284 MF MF LF DM RG MG v.3.5.4
Integrations Nagios Downtime Scheduling capability ST#105182 & ST#105185 JV DB DM DM PB v.3.5.3
Other DNS PTR Cleanup: public vs. private IPs vs. infoblox subdomain interactions
(currently have dangling or missing PTR records)
ST#103407 DG DG DG DG DG  
Integrations Machine Room Map ST#104793 MF MF JV LF v.3.5.3
Integrations Ona Search (update MAC, sync, refresh, dhcp, room) ST#105041 MG RG DB LP  
Integrations Jump Start (dftpboot) & Salt Stack ST#105311 LP LF PB  
Cleanup Customizable report/display particular columns ST#105312 LF MG PB v.3.5.4
Integrations Infoblox Cname and DNS round-robin integration ST#84456 & ST#105495 DM RG  
Integrations API: Read and Write, eg., for Salt ST#93529 JV DB  
Cleanup Admin contact info (who cscfhelp should contact) ST#105313 DM LF v.3.5.3
Other Convention for unknown room/location ST#102008 MF PB  
Integrations Services Grouped by DNS entry ST#105180 JV v.3.5.3
Integrations ILOM - integration - update inv from existing data ST#105314 LP  
Cleanup Monitoring fix: can't remove it/uncheck it ( Dennis to talk to Phil) ST#105254 MG -
Cleanup Hardware features (CPU/Memory): more flexible or validated drop-downs?
More features: rackable, # power supplies, ILOM
ST#105315 RG  
Cleanup Table for host/ip/mac ST#105316 MG v.3.5.3
Cleanup Check does Ona/SALT data match human-entered fields? ST#105041 LP  
Cleanup Ona data cleanup (validate our data- are we following desc/comment conventions?) ST#105041    
Cleanup Equipment types (Computer; Virtual (type -> model?) ST#104557 & ST#101321 RG  
Integrations Infoblox DHCP Parameters ST#102876    
Cleanup Display MAC labels in DNS section ST#105317   v.3.5.3
Cleanup Admin page to add/delete users ST#87144   v.3.5.4
Other Software Licences ST#105318    
Other Location for vendor hardware licenses ST#105319    

Assessment of Difficulty

Justin and Daniel ranked the difficulty of these requests on a scale of 1-10. The scale is more or less Scrum "story points" - an arbitrary measure of difficulty. Assumptions: Work being done by Justin with Daniel assisting; and we assume Justin will be able to work on these with few distractions.

For items already started, we assess the work remaining (Machine Room Map; Nagios downtime scheduling; Services grouped by DNS entry; monitoring fix). Each line is an additional amount of work (some items are split into multiple parts).

1= trivial code change; 
2= a few days
3= a week or two
4= a month but less than two
5= easily within a few months 
6= not easily within a few months
9 = between June and the end of August possibly, if we make it a priority (the only or one of a few priorities for Justin)
10 = + whole term...

Items, comments, and rankings

dependency: lots of time to design. = 5
nagios downtime scheduling = 3
DNS PTR cleanup: design refinements; probably = 6
Machine room map = 3
ona search 
  - update MAC; DHCP; room = 4
  - sync/refresh = maybe not possible; there is an easy way to do it badly = ?
jump start & salt stack: some design. if simple (like edocs) = 3; if validation, etc, = 5+
customizable report = 3
  - if user-preference saving = 2
infoblox cname = 4
infoblox dns round-robin = 4
API for read and write = 7
Admin contact info = 1
Convention for unknown room/location = 1
Services grouped by DNS entry = 3
ILOM integration: requires spec; do we overwrite inventory data? what system is doing the work = ?
Monitoring fix: 0
Hardware features for CPU/Memory: flexible or validated dropdowns, more fields = 3
Table for host/IP/mac = 1
Check does ONA data match human-entered fields = 2
Check does Salt data match human-entered fields = see Jump Start validation,etc above
ONA data cleanup: batch-fixing ONA data to add room,etc? - would be scripted POSTs to ONA - likely hackish = 4
Equipment types (Computer; Virtual (type -> model?) = 2
Infoblox DHCP parameters = 1-3
Display MAC labels in DNS section = 1
Admin page to add/delete users = 2
Software licenses: lots of time to spec and design = 6
Location for vendor hardware licenses: requires spec; 1-3

Synopsis and Road-Map

We will complete v.3.5.3 in the next few weeks; this will include all of the items in-progress now:

  • Machine room map
  • nagios downtime scheduling
  • services grouped by DNS entry
  • misc other listed under v.3.5.3 (ST#104747)

We will start v.3.5.4 after that, concentrating on Dependencies / parents / see-also, for definite completion by September.

We hope to do initial investigation into how to handle PTR/public/private issues as well, to see if PTRs can be brought from a 6 difficulty down to a 3 to be included in v.3.5.5.

Likely some of the other "inexpensive" requests will fit into 3.5.4, and others into 3.5.5. Additional feedback about features are always welcome.

-- DanielAllen - 2016-05-19

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