Sponsors Data Directory Organization

Note that in the case of any discrepency between what is stated here. and what is the actual case on the UNIX computer cs-xh-admin.cs.private.uwaterloo.ca, the actual situation on cs-xh-admin.cs.private.uwaterloo.ca will override what is stated here.


The following table indicates how the data, on the UNIX computer cs-xh-admin.csprivate.uwaterloo.ca, under the directory

is organized.


Directory/File NamePurpose
<top> There are no files to edit at the top-level.

There are directories which are recursively processed by sponsor_resources. Directories which begin with a period/dot ('.') are ignored by sponsor_resources. For example, that allows backup copies to be kept here under .old.

Research/ files under Research correspond to an individual researcher or research group. Here resources, or extra resources, for users specifically affiliated with particular researchers can be sponsored. These might be extra disk space (or theoretically printing) for a grad student, or entire accounts for associated or visiting researchers.
REGISTRAR/ files under REGISTRAR "automatically" sponsor resources, based on data received from the registrar's office
REGISTRAR/.DATA/ Don't touch! The accounts-master computer program uses information from the Registrar to put, beneath this directory, lists of students in different classes
REGISTRAR/Grads base resources for Masters and PhD students
REGISTRAR/Undergrads base resources for undergraduate students
REGISTRAR/cs resources linked to enrolment in CS courses
REGISTRAR/se resources linked to enrolment in SE courses
REGISTRAR-YYYYMM/ Files under REGISTRAR-YYYYMM, e.g. REGISTRAR-201001 implement the predictable long-term expiry of sponsored resources by freezing the indicated previous terms class (program/year) memberships. Another file there ensures any account created stays until after the drop-add deadline. Occasionally (usually only in fall terms) you will see REGISTRAR-YYYYMMext directories. Read the file .README in such a directory for an explanation of its purpose and how it was created.
CSCF/ files under CSCF facilitate the computing facility
CSCF/admin administrative assistant staff, and many mailing lists
CSCF/consulting this is the MC3017 consultants
CSCF/taskgroups mailing aliases for task-groups
CSCF/technicians CSCF technical staff
CLASSES/ files under ClASSES allocate resources for instructors and instructional support staff
CLASSES/CA-cs accounts named after CS courses, e.g. cs100
CLASSES/CA-se accounts named after Software Engineering courses, e.g. se240
CLASSES/TA-cs CS TAs - Tutorial Assistants, not to be confused with Tutors
CLASSES/Tutors CS Tutors - usually co-op students
CLASSES/automatic/ directory for some conceptually automatically generated files; currently the result of processing Grad Office TA database to produce sponsorship info for TAs
CLASSES/course.work logical supplement to REGISTRAR/cs
CLASSES/instructors Resources for (generally non-faculty) instructors. For sessional instructors, a more appropriate place would be School/Sessionals-YYMM.
School/ files under School are for non-teaching resource requirements
School/Away-Personnel sponsors expiry period for personnel, to keep their account when they leave
School/CS.MathClubs Courtesy email aliases for Math Clubs, etc.
School/CS.Grads extra accounts and mail aliases for grads (not research, e.g. csgsa)
School/CS.UGrad extra accounts for undergrads (currently just csc)
School/Courtesy discretionary accounts for retired faculty, etc.
School/ICR a few accounts for Institute for Computer Research
School/Sessionals-YYMM sessional instructors for term YYMM
School/cs.admin Things which don't fit anywhere else
School/dean.admin CS resources needed by the DOM office
School/se.admin Software Engineering administration and also mail aliases
School/special_events Special Events such as CS days and ACM contests

The files can be changed using a standard text editor. All files are now supposed to be subject to revision control using RCS.

-- AdrianPepper - 04 Dec 2012

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