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Server Setup tools Summary




  • Uses only THREE config files and a few fixed template files (for UofW)
    1. ) /cscf-adm/src/hosts/common_hosts.
      • Defines network interfaces rolls, ie NATing, forwarding
    2. ) /cscf-adm/src/dnsmasq/dnsmasq.common.
      • Uses vastly simplified syntax sort-forms
    3. ) /etc/network/interfaces
      • Defines the network interfaces

Template Files

  • dnsmasq/dnsmasq.template.private
    • default DNSMASQ settings for ONE private network
  • dnsmasq/dnsmasq.template.private_two
    • default DNSMASQ settings for TWO private networks
  • dnsmasq/dnsmasq.template.private_three
    • default DNSMASQ settings for THREE private networks
  • dnsmasq/hosts.template
    • Default /etc/host beginning
  • dnsmasq/resolv.template
    • Default external DNS servers - should be moved into common_host
  • samba/smb.conf.template
    • Default SAMBA configuration with SAMBA shares for PXE and Live Images


  • Automatic NAT firewall
    • Builds NAT rules from /cscf-adm/src/common_host
    • Firewall NAT self installs
      • fireall install
    • Options start/stop/restart/status/insstall/remove


  • Install syslinux and dependencies

Automatic PXE menu creation

  • All installers create corresponding PXE menus

Liveboot and Ubuntu installers

  • Fetch and setup specified Ubuntu Network and Liveboot images
    • Example: fetch_ubuntu_releases 12.04 14.04


  • Install ACRONIS imaging tool with PXE menus

RIP recovery is Possible Diagnostics

  • RIP recovery tools via PXE boot with local customizations, kernels and modules

Clonezilla Imaging tool

  • Clonezilla via PXE boot


  • Install and setup SAMBA


  • Create local Linux and SAMBA administrative accounts


  • Install and setup NFS if needed
  • Automatic export or update of bootable images

Backup with legato Networker

  • Install Legato Networker Backup

CSCF specific

  • CSCF root public key

USB KEY bootable replica of PXE boot environment

  • Replicates PXE boot images to standalone USE KEY for offline use
  • pxe2usb.sh replicates the server PXE boot images to a USB key
    • USB boot all of the same tools, installers and utilies


  • Creates DNS, reverse DNS, and CNAMEs records from simplified file
    • /cscf-adm/src/dnsmasq/dnsmasq.common.
    • is the local hostname - example: himrod
    • Defines interfaces and hosts for dnsmasq
  • Install: /cscf-adm/src/dnsmasq/install_dnsmasq
    • Installs all related packages if missing
    • Creates:
      • /etc/hosts adds all hostnames known to dnsmasq for all interfaces
    • /etc/resolv.conf network manager trigger script if needed * Writes a custom resolv.conf with local DNS and default UW DNS from templates
    • Start/Restarts any services
    • Backup related config files

  • Example:


  • make all installs everything on a clean system
  • However at minimum make must be installed
  • The Makefile invokes all installer scripts

BASH Scripts summary

  • common_functions 80 shell functions
  • common_vars Directory locations and layout
  • common_host CSCF, UofW Specific HOST Network definitions
    • Created from hosts/common_hosts.
    • is the local hostname
  • wakeup uses the dnsmasq MAC definitions to invoke etherwake on a host
  • accounts Encrypted passwords for admin accounts
  • install_samba installs SAMBA
    • Uses common_vars for the userids
    • Uses samba/smb.conf.template
  • install_admin_users installs admin users for Linux and SAMBA
    • Uses common_vars for the userids
  • dnsmasq/install_dnsmasq installs dnsmasq and configuration files
  • instll_pxe installs DNSMASQ, TFTPBOOT framework, Utilities and configuration files
  • install_syslinux Downloads, Compiles and installs syslinux
  • fixperms update permission and ownership of shared files for SAMBA shares
  • fetch_ubuntu_releases downloads any specified Ubuntu release
    • The script only needs the release number like 14.04, 6.06 or beta
    • It figures out which of the Three Mirrors sites to use and
    • Calls pxe_liveboot_nfs restart to update NFS mounts and PXE boot menus
  • fetch_ubuntu_installers downloads Ubuntu Network Install images
  • fetch_rip downloads RIP Recovery is possible images
  • fetch_clonezilla Downloads CloneZilla and makes a Live Image with PXE menu
  • pxe_liveboot_nfs
    • NFS export any Ubuntu Live images
  • update_rip Modifies RIP adding local tools, kernels and modules
  • remove_localizations Convert the server image into a client node
    • This is intended to be run on a clone of the server

C Programs

  • basestr.c
    • :Match substring
    • Returns: return( strncmp(argv[1],argv[2],len) == 0 ? 0 : 1);

  • fixname.c
    • Escape strings so they can be safely passed to a shell
    • Names may be quoted with ''s
  • lc.c
    • University of Waterloo List Catalogue command
  • sh2twiki.c
    • Convert BASH and C markup to HTML or TWIKI
  • testfree.c
    • Usage: testfree device -v -f threshold(in Megabytes)


  • Automatically extract BASH and C markups
    • Creates TWIKI or HTML Documentation from Markup
  • Features
    • Uses half the markup required the doxygen
    • Understands SHELL Variables and Functions

Markup Rules

  • Heading: Markup syntax notes
  • Comments:
    • Comments start with // or #
    • Examples
    • # this is a comment
    • // this is a comment
  • Tokens:
    • Tokens are any word following a comment that ends with ':'
    • Examples
    • # Notes:
    • // Arguments: userid result
    • Notes: the token and any following comments are part of the token
  • Reserved:
    • The following tokens have special meaning
    • Title: Creates a title for the document.
    • This keyword and any unbroken chain of comments and unreserved
    • tokens are part of the title and will be listed in the index file.
    • Author: Document Author, also Authour works
    • Heading: Create a heading
  • Variables:
    • The following code objects have special meaning
    • VAR=value Variable assignments
    • This variable if following a token will become a comment
    • # ======== This a a section break
    • // ======= This is a section break
  • Blank_Lines:
    • Blank Comments lines end a token or grouping
    • Examples:
    • //
    • #
    • C enum are processed
    • enum {
    • value1,
    • value2
    • };
  • Functions: are processed along with the contents by counting brace levels
  • Note: ANY unbroken preceding group of tokens/comments are part of the
    • function documentation.
    • Functions names in the documentation are listed BEFORE the preceding tokens
  • Examples:
    • // This is a custom printf command
    • // Arguments: format string, variable number of arguments
    • // Returns: void
    • void myprintf(char *str, ...)
    • {
    • printf code goes here ...
    • }
  • Special_Keywords:
  • Processed keywords that create documentation sections
    • pause message
    • pause_yes message
    • pause_no message
    • must be followed by if,then,else,fo - optionly end with a section
    • Notes:
    • This is used in the ASIMOV updates script to create TWIKI documentation for
    • That script. The compatibility is included here
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