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CS Application Server Internal Scripts

Updated 7 Mar 2013 - Mike Gore


  • /home/cscf-adm/srcipts - shell scripts
  • /home/cscf-adm/src - mostly compiled code and sources

NAT Firewall

  • remote NAT and Firewall scripts

AD Backup

  • adchk
    • Ad Backup test script - looks for failed backups
    • Note: Not being used


  • run_backups
    • Primary backup/clone script - call other functions to do full backup

  • clone_drives
    • Backup /images /images2 /coregroups drives
  • local
    • common script defaults
  • common
    • common scripts functions
  • taskfn
    • notification functions
  • hostfn
    • utilities to wakeup suspened hosts via wakeonlan
  • testing/one
    • test scripts to verify notification functions
  • testing/two
    • test scripts to verify notification functions
  • save
    • Script uses save.list to archive config files to a directory
  • save.list
    • List of key configuration files to be saved with save.files

Drive health

  • drive-health
    • Report Drive Health of all drives on system
    • Note: only reports errors - otherwise is silent
    • Report sends email to

ISO and PXE boot image updates

Antivirus updates

  • getav
    • Get Norton AV Files norton_av_files
    • /images/exports/export/COMMON/AntiVirus_AntiSpyWare_Tools/
  • virus-scan
    • Scan specified files systems for viruses

File MD5 testing

  • test_files
    • Calls md5_files on several directories we want to track
  • md5_files
    • Script to create md5 hashs for files in a given directory. This lets us know if some file changed without our knowledge, say due to a hardware failure
  • md5_excludes
    • Files we don't want to check
  • pkgcheck
    • Check to see if package has a md5sum and if it is ok
    • Note: NOT beeing used
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