Backups for Macintosh using the Legato System or Snapshots or Apple TimeMachine

For Faculty and Staff - To verify that your Mac is being backed up by Legato Networker

In a Terminal window, enter:

mminfo -s backup.cs -c hhhhhh -t "5 days ago"

Where hhhhhh is the hostname of your machine - as Networker knows it. It may be the first part of the response to the hostname command, or it may be the "Sharing" name under System Preferences.

For Staff and Faculty - File Recovery

This link can be used for recovering files in CS however the backup machine name is "backup.cs" instead of "hoover"

# obsolete link #

For Students and Tutors using the Mac Labs and Workstations as of September 2006

The student home directories are now stored on the Netapp, so snapshot backups ARE available:

  • open Finder
  • click on your home directory (eg iturner)
  • on the Finder top line click "go" then select "go to folder" from the drop-down
  • type ".snapshot" in the text field and click "Go"

The .snapshot directory, and all the backups will appear in the window;

  • navigate to the most recent backup with the file or directory you want to recover
  • click on the file, then "edit", click "copy filename", then
  • click the directory you want to recover "to", and "edit", "paste"

(I tried "click and drag" but it squawked about needing admin permissions to change Finder settings)

For CS100 clients of Pippin * This is obsolete as of September 2006, files are no longer stored on Pippin

The students must "ssh pippin" from a terminal window

"cd /Volumes/Drive/U/userid/"

type the command "recover -s backup.cs"

follow instructions on

For CS200 students

Those students wanting to recover files on Oscar The Students need to "ssh oscar" from a terminal window

"cd /Volumes/oscar_cs200data/cs200main"

next "cd /cs200section_34/"student directory name"

type the command "recover -s backup.cs"

follow instructions on

Starting the recovering procedure

Open the "terminal" application which is located in Application / Utility directory

the following information will be displayed

bold text are commands typed

comments about information display are in Italic text

Welcome to Darwin!
[SCS-ahhills-Computer:~] ahhills%  
recover -s backup.cs This command will possibly take some time
recover: Current working directory is /Users/userid e.g.(ahhills)/
09/28/04  03:45 PM           <DIR>         CS200 problem
12/06/04  10:28 AM           <DIR>         Desktop
12/08/04  03:31 PM           <DIR>         Documents
10/14/04  02:26 PM                   60510 High usage.pdf
11/26/04  10:17 AM           <DIR>         Library
12/01/04  10:21 AM           <DIR>         Movies
10/28/04  01:27 PM           <DIR>         Music
11/25/04  03:09 PM           <DIR>         Pictures
05/12/03  08:43 AM           <DIR>         Public
01/23/04  02:55 PM           <DIR>         Sites

The 2 directories that most files are saved in are Desktop and Documents if files were in Documents

Displaying files on backup.cs

cd Documents


recover> cd Documents
recover> dir
total 668224
01/07/04  02:18 PM           <DIR>         10.3 import and export
01/12/04  04:14 PM           <DIR>         Acrobat
12/02/04  02:15 PM           <DIR>         Adobe Reader
12/02/04  02:21 PM           <DIR>         Apple
11/22/04  03:40 PM                     333 AppleFileServer_334.sample.txt
11/03/03  02:59 PM           <DIR>         Keynote  Help
10/29/04  11:08 AM           <DIR>         Lab Procedures
11/15/04  03:23 PM           <DIR>         Lab Usage folder
08/26/04  03:50 PM                   33371 Picture 1.pdf
05/05/04  09:58 AM                   28468 Picture 2.pdf
02/10/04  01:21 PM                   22418 RTMP.pdf
02/11/04  02:01 PM                   12288 Team Members.xls
03/22/04  01:47 PM                     732 Test.rtf
10/19/04  09:29 AM                    9030 Usage of Mac labs.pdf
11/24/04  02:26 PM           <DIR>         teaching labs
11/11/03  08:30 AM                  160489 yss-cv_1.pdf

Note files are listed with numbers preceding their name and folders are signified by

Are for the directories of folders on your Macintosh

cd teachin*

Note a * will allow the completion of a name "cd teachin*"is the same as "cd teaching\ labs". If a file name or directory has a space in the name the space must be preceded by a \ in the command line


recover> cd teachin*
recover> dir
03/29/04  02:13 PM                   81920 Bkup CS200 Software Inventory1.
04/19/04  08:33 AM                  135097 CS 200 osx project setup
12/07/04  04:16 PM           <DIR>         CS200
03/18/04  11:51 AM                    4343 GraphicConverter upgrade
04/20/04  02:23 PM                    8704 Toudor.xls
03/10/04  03:07 PM                    8192 Updat software costs
03/22/04  02:55 PM                    1065 tschrc starup.rtf

cd cs200 creates and error but cd CS200 is valid. Directories and file names are case sensitive

cd CS200

recover> cd cs200
cs200: No such file or directory
recover> cd CS200
12/01/04  04:05 PM                   19456 Lab system changes.doc
12/07/04  04:16 PM                   19968 Lab system changes2.doc
03/22/04  11:48 AM                   82944 Lab_Software_List2004.doc

Searching for a file that was previously on your Machine

The versions command will display the different times that a specific file was recorded in the backup system. You have to be in the specific directory where the file was stored to show what versions do exist.

versions Lab\ syst*

recover> versions Lab\ syst*

Versions of `/Users/ahhills/Documents/teaching labs/CS200/Lab system changes.doc':

  20 -rw-r--r-- ahhills  staff       19456 Dec 01 16:05  Lab system changes.doc
     save time:  Mon Dec  6 00:42:36 2004        
      location:  33013 at /dev/rmt/5cbn

  20 -rw-r--r-- ahhills  staff       19456 Dec 01 16:05  Lab system changes.doc
     save time:  Thu Dec  2 01:59:35 2004        
      location:  23002 at lto_jukebox.mfcf

Versions of `/Users/ahhills/Documents/teaching labs/CS200/Lab system changes2.doc':

  20 -rw-r--r-- ahhills  staff       19968 Dec 07 16:16  Lab system changes2.doc
     save time:  Wed Dec  8 02:01:53 2004        
      location:  23003 at lto_jukebox.mfcf

Changing Date of backup

changetime 12/03/04 This command changes the date of the backup.

the file with in name changes2.doc was not created until Dec 7


recover> changetime 12/03/04
time changed to Fri Dec  3 23:59:59 2004
recover> dir

12/01/04  04:05 PM                   19456 Lab system changes.doc
03/22/04  11:48 AM                   82944 Lab_Software_List2004.doc

Select the files that you want to recover with the add command

Adding Legato daemon to a client Mac

CSCF must know that the machine is to be backed up. Talk to your point of contact about this.

Basic installation and setup instructions from IST are applicable, but the server setup is not optional and you should replace all occurrences of "hoover" with "backup.cs".

You can obtain the client here.

There is documentation describing how to open up your client firewall, if need be.

Apple TimeMachine backups

A tested procedure and why a TimeMachine backup is a good thing.

-- ArthurHills - 03 Dec 2004

-- MikePatterson - 29 Apr 2005 (with help from plragde)

-- -- IanTurner - 31 Oct 2005 iturner - 12 Oct 2006

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