Kenya 2020

We booked our first multi-day guided tour ever, titled In The Shadow of Giants, managed by Capture Africa Tours, and focussing on the orphan elephant sanctuary and reintegration sites run by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The tour was effectively eleven days long, plus time before and afterwards in Nairobi. We took more than six thousand photographs and videos; below is a curated sample. We used a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 (5472x3648, 20MP) and FZ300 (4000x3000, 12MP), both bought for this trip, as well as our iPhone8s (4032x3024, 12MP). Individual photos have more detailed captions and navigation options. Some captions include contextual links to videos; there's also a list of all videos at the bottom of this page.
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2020-01-23, 08:00: Nairobi National Park

We arrived a day before the tour was to start (just in case something went wrong in transit), so we booked a half-day safari in Nairobi National Park, 117 square kilometres within the city itself. Unfortunately, we only managed about an hour in the park, as recent rains had made many roads impassable, and larger vehicles than ours got stuck or turned back. Still, we did see some wildlife, and got a few good photos. Here are some not superceded by ones taken later.
P1000369 P1000386 P1000387 P1000406

2020-01-23, 09:00: Nairobi Safari Walk

When we ran out of places we could reach in the park, our driver suggested the nearby Nairobi Safari Walk, run by the Kenya Wildlife Service on park land. The animals (many of whom cannot survive in the wild for various reasons) have large enclosures to roam in, while visitors walk on pathways or elevated walkways. So it's like a zoo, but with more animal space, less people space, and less signage. Here we saw a number of animals we would not later see in the wild.
P1000436 P1000447 P1000467 P1000475 P1000460 P1000248 P1000263 P1000487 P1000494

2020-01-24, 10:00: Giraffe Centre, Nairobi

The two of us met our two driver/guides (one of whom had picked us up at the airport on arrival) and the other six members of our tour (one other couple, two women travelling together, and two unaccompanied women) for our first tour day in Nairobi. We started at the Giraffe Centre, which is trying to re-establish the endangered Rothschild's Giraffe by releasing breeding pairs raised in captivity. Their facility, close to Nairobi National Park, is a popular tourist destination.
IMG_2866 IMG_2794 P1000499 P1000514 P1000508

2020-01-24, 11:00: Sheldrick Nairobi Nursery, Public Visit

For a small fee, one can participate in the daily public visit to the Sheldrick nursery carved out of Nairobi National Park, where the smallest orphan elephants are raised before moving to a reintegration unit. They range in age from a few months up to four years.
P1000328 P1000539 P1000550 P1000561 P1000357 P1000567 P1000566 P1000312 P1000309

2020-01-24, 15:00: Sheldrick Nairobi Nursery, Private Visit

We didn't know what to expect from the private visit. It was held at the same place as the public visit, but only our group was there, and there were no ropes. The elephants came in, were fed, and then grazed and wandered around, while we walked among them, and talked to the keepers, for an hour. It was magical.
P1000585 P1000581 P1000607 P1000384 P1000414 P1000664 P1000638 P1000660 P1000401

2020-01-24, 17:00: Sheldrick Nairobi Nursery, Foster Visit

The daily foster visit is open to those who have sponsored an animal ($50/yr). It's not as crowded as the public visit, but not as hands-on as the private one. Visitors line up along a road that the elephants return on, and after the elephants go into their enclosures in the stockade for another bottle and some greens, visitors can interact with them through the bars. But before seeing the elephants again, we saw a couple of other animals who live at the nursery.
P1000420 P1000682 P1000429 P1000691 P1000430 P1000690 P1000695 P1000698 IMG_5201 P1000666 P1000669 P1000732 P1000737 P1000724

2020-01-25, 08:00: To Ithumba Hill Camp

We left Nairobi in the morning and headed southwest on the A109, the highway to Mombasa. Our destination was Ithumba Hill Camp, in Tsavo East National Park. Outside Nairobi, the road dropped to one lane in either direction, and was thick with freight traffic.
P1000739 IMG_2868 IMG_2873 IMG_2876 IMG_2879 IMG_2887 IMG_2881 IMG_2885 IMG_2886

2020-01-25, 17:00: Ithumba Hill sunset feeding

The purpose of Ithumba Hill is to reintegrate the orphan elephants into the wild. There are no fences around the unit, which is open to the much larger park (nearly 14,000 sq km). The elephants range in age from four to seven years. They spend much of the day foraging nearby, returning for bottle feedings (those not weaned) and to sleep overnight in protected enclosures. Eventually, they make the decision to leave.
P1000744 P1000751 P1000763 P1000776 P1000784 P1000838 P1000853 P1000854 P1000489 P1000800 P1000461 P1000814 P1000493 P1000802 P1000807 P1000810 P1000827 P1000479 IMG_2895 IMG_2896

2020-01-26: Ithumba Hill, morning

We got up early for the 6am feeding, but overnight rains had made the road impassable, and we had to turn back. It was pretty discouraging, and we wondered if the whole trip would be washed out. Fortunately, that proved not to be the case, though consequences from the exceptionally wet weather continued to challenge our guides.
P1000858 P1000859 P1000523 P1000868 P1000874 P1000865 P1010009 P1010016 P1010018 P1010021 P1010032 P1010039 P1010056 P1000613 IMG_2907 P1010062 P1010070 P1010076 P1010079 P1010081 P1010084 P1010085 P1010086 P1000664b P1010108 P1010109 P1010110 P1010111 P1010112 P1010115

2020-01-26: Ithumba Hill sunset feeding

After lunch at the camp, and time in the afternoon to relax, we returned to the stockades by a different route that avoided the morning blockage.
IMG_2918 IMG_2919 P1010122 P1010125 P1010134 P1010153 P1000719 P1000744b P1000767 P1010168 P1010172 P1000773 P1010205 P1010182 P1000804 P1010216 P1010222

2020-01-27, morning: To Galdessa Camp

The drive from Ithumba Hill to Galdessa Camp would normally take 1.5-2 hours through Tsavo East, but because of the rains, our guides chose to take a more circuitous route on more paved roads, which meant a travel time of about 5 hours. But on the way to and from the paved roads, we did see some wildlife.
P1010225 P1010227 P1010228 P1010230 P1010235 P1010248 P1010244 P1010261 P1000875 P1010278 P1010291 P1010299 IMG_2943 IMG_2942 IMG_2946 IMG_2981 IMG_2950 IMG_2951 IMG_2982

2020-01-27, 17:00, Voi stockade

Sheldrick's first reintegration camp is close to the town of Voi but about an hour's drive from Galdessa Camp. Due to the vagaries of rescue and reintegration, Voi had fewer than fifteen elephants when we visited, while Ithumba Hill was over capacity with more than thirty.
P1010304 P1010312 P1010314 P1010331 P1010343 P1010354 P1010377 P1010380 IMG_2956

2020-01-28, morning: Tsavo East game drive

The distance between Galdessa and Voi made it infeasible to visit the early morning feeding. Instead, after breakfast, we headed out on a roundabout drive to the late-morning feeding and mudbath, with the intention of spotting game along the way. On these drives, and the ones in Amboseli, our guides were on the radio to each other, and stopped to talk to guides in oncoming vehicles, many of whom they knew from previous trips.
P1010388 P1010436 P1010442 P1010438 P1010065 P1010448 P1010453 P1010454

2020-01-28, 11:00: Voi feeding and mudbath

P1010490 P1010493 P1010500 P1010502 P1010105 P1010128 P1010131 P1010555 P1010561 P1010569 P1010571 IMG_2969

2020-01-28, afternoon: Galdessa Camp

The road delays cut into our downtime at Galdessa Camp and limited our options. The guides offered us a short late afternoon tour in the vicinity of the camp, and those of us that accepted could fit into a single vehicle with both of them.
P1010179 P1010180 P1010578 P1010598 P1010599 P1010613 P1010195 P1010193 P1010646 P1010144 P1010647 P1010673 P1010691 P1010208 P1010217 P1010711 P1010715

2020-01-29, morning: leaving Galdessa

After breakfast, we left Galdessa Camp and drove back to the highway (our last game drive in Tsavo East) and on to Umani Springs Lodge, in the Kibwezi Forest.
P1010717 P1010722 P1010728 P1010733 P1010741 P1010746 P1010752 P1010757 P1010768 P1010219 P1010222b

2020-01-29, 11:00: Umani Springs late-morning feeding

Umani Springs, the third reintegration camp, specializes in difficult cases, including animals whose injuries or disabilities may make reintegration impossible. It was a short walk from the lodge, but we were escorted by rangers trained to deal with wild animals.
P1010771 P1010830 P1010236 P1020009 P1020010 P1010797 P1020017

2020-01-29, 5:00: Umani Springs late-afternoon feeding

The late-afternoon feeding was at the stockade, again a short walk away.
P1020044 P1020050 P1010291b P1020066 P1020073 P1010307 P1020078 P1020088 P1020098 IMG_2997 IMG_3002 IMG_3003 IMG_3006 IMG_3010 IMG_3018

2020-01-30, 06:00: Umani Springs early-morning feeding

We finally made it to an early-morning feeding, driving the short distance because it was so dark. Photography was really not possible until there was sufficient light, by which time the elephants had been fed and were out for the day. They were induced to stick around a bit by the pellets we were given to feed them.
P1020118 IMG_3039 P1020121 P1020143 P1010323 IMG_3043 IMG_3042

2020-01-30, 11:00: Umani Springs late-morning feeding

P1010367 P1020158 P1020178 P1020216 P1010390 P1020290 P1020293 P1010393 P1020312 P1020320 P1020295 P1020325 P1010396 P1020343 P1020348 P1010399 IMG_5269

2020-01-30, 5:00: Umani Springs late-afternoon feeding

P1020356 P1010408 P1020168 P1020362 P1020359 P1020360 P1020375 P1020387 P1010418 P1010411 P1020411 P1020431 P1020434 P1020439 P1020458 P1020462 P1020473 IMG_3045 P1020480 P1020483 IMG_3054

2020-01-31, morning: to Amboseli

We reluctantly left Umani Springs, our last Sheldrick property, and headed into Amboseli National Park, where we would stay at the larger and more conventional Ol Tukai Lodge.
P1020496 P1020500 P1020503 P1020508 P1020512 P1020521 P1020529 P1020530 P1020533 P1020542 P1020550 P1010431 P1010432 P1010439 P1020567 P1010442b P1010444 P1010446 P1020576 IMG_3101 IMG_3102 IMG_3073 IMG_3068 IMG_3069

2020-01-31: Amboseli afternoon game drive

Our schedule at Amboseli was: early-morning game drive (sometimes before breakfast, sometimes after), lunch and down time, late-afternoon game drive, dinner (usually our group met in the bar for a drink first). The class structure reasserted itself: our guides ate in the main dining room, but at a separate table in the corner with the other guides. We protested, but they pointed out that the tables couldn't really seat ten.
P1020586 P1020582 P1010451 P1020589 P1020595 P1020605 P1010474 P1010475 P1020619 P1020629 P1020639 P1020659 P1020665 P1010484 P1020693 P1020707 P1020713 P1010503 P1010506 P1020717 P1020718 P1020726 P1020739 P1010516 P1020748 P1010521 P1010536 P1020779 P1010551 P1020862 P1020898 P1010565 P1010566 P1010570 P1010582

2020-02-01: Amboseli early-morning game drive

P1020918 P1030004 P1030045 P1010641 P1030061 P1030077 P1030090 P1010652 P1010655 P1030105 P1010661 P1010665 P1010668 P1010674 P1010675 P1010683 P1030152 P1030172 P1030178 P1030181 P1010704

2020-02-01, Amboseli afternoon game drive

P1030201 P1010710 IMG_3084 P1030204 P1030210 P1030224 P1010730 P1030235 P1010734 P1030246 P1030251 P1030252 P1030284 P1030381 P1010763 P1010791 P1010794 P1030390 P1030403 P1010799 P1010803 P1030449 P1010777 P1010828 P1010829 P1010835 P1010842 P1030492 P1020005 P1020018 P1030561 P1020031

2020-02-02: Amboseli early-morning game drive

P1020034 P1030589 P1020040 P1030608 P1020058 P1020077 P1030699 P1020112 P1020113 P1020116 P1020138 P1020163 P1020158b P1020147 P1020200 P1020209 P1020222 P1040060 P1020254 P1020240 P1040122 P1040129 P1040173 P1020260 P1020270 P1040184 P1040199 P1020315

2020-02-02: Amboseli late-afternoon game drive

I told our guides I wouldn't be disappointed if we didn't see any big cats, but I knew others in our group would be. They tried hard to find some on this last drive, but it was just too wet. What we did get was some nice birds and some great landscapes.
P1020324 P1020329 P1020373 P1040232 P1020374 P1040265 P1020377 P1020379 P1020399 P1040337 P1020388 P1020405 P1020383 P1040349 P1040366 P1020433 P1040407 P1040419 P1040432 P1040446 P1040482 P1020450 P1020462b P1040496 P1020474 IMG_5297

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