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Keith O Geddes

Online Papers and Maple Sessions

Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Computation

  1. K.O. Geddes, Hybrid symbolic-numeric integration in Maple.

    Maple Worksheets:, NumInt.mws
    View as HTML: NumInt.html

    Published papers: [SYMSAC86a], [ISSAC92]

  2. O.A. Carvajal, F.W. Chapman and K.O. Geddes, Hybrid symbolic-numeric integration in multiple dimensions via tensor-product series.

    Maple Worksheet:
    View as HTML: MultiInt.html

    Published paper: [ISSAC05]

  3. K.O. Geddes and W.W. Zheng, Exploiting fast hardware floating point in high precision computation. Technical Report CS-2002-41, School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 2002.

    Online reprint: PostScript, PDF

    Published paper: [ISSAC03]

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Symbolic Computation of Integrals

  1. K.O. Geddes, Algorithms for indefinite and definite integration in Maple.

    Maple Worksheets:, IntSurvey.mws
    View as HTML: IntSurvey.html

    Supplementary information — Definition of Resultant:

    View three pages Scanned from Textbook:
    p286.bmp, p407.bmp, p408.bmp

    View the three pages in a Maple Worksheet:

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Approximation of Functions

  1. K.O. Geddes, A package for numerical approximation.

    Maple Worksheet:
    View as HTML: Numapprox.html

    Published paper: [MapleTech93]

  2. K.O. Geddes, Generating efficient numerical evaluation routines for bivariate functions via tensor product series.

    Maple Worksheet:
    View as HTML: TPapprox.html

    Timing results: Timings/BesselJ Timings/BesselY Timings/Beta Timings/JacobiSN Timings/LegendreP Timings/BVP_H

    Some convergence results: Convergence.pdf

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Various Maple Tutorials

  1. K.O. Geddes and H.Q. Le, Symbolic and numeric scientific computation in Maple. International Conference on Abstract and Applied Analysis (ICAAA '02), Hanoi, Vietnam, Aug 2002.

    Maple Worksheets:, ICAAA02.mws
    View as document: PostScript, PDF

  2. K.O. Geddes, Introduction to symbolic algorithms. Half-day course, MSW'02 (Maple Summer Workshop), Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Jul 2002.

    Maple Worksheets:, MSW02.mws
    View as HTML: MSW02.html

  3. K.O. Geddes, Groebner bases for polynomial systems: A brief introduction.

    Maple Worksheets:, GroebnerIntro.mws
    View as HTML: GroebnerIntro.html

    Intersection of surfaces via Groebner basis computation:

    Maple Worksheets:, Intersect.mws
    View as HTML: Intersect.html

    Plot Examples 8 and 9 from GroebnerIntro:

    Maple Worksheets:, PlotEx8-9.mws
    View as HTML: PlotEx8-9.html

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