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Courses and Sections:

CS846 is Advanced Topics in Software Engineering, a graduate seminar. Section 2 is Advanced Topics in Requirements Engineering

We have 24 2-hour meetings scheduled over which we need to meet 36 hours, where an hour is defined as 55 minutes (because we meet from 13:00-14:50, not 15:00).

So basically, we meet 18 times.

Some dates are canceled due to my traveling. So far only my travel is accounted for. Some time after the first meeting, I will account for student travel. I canceled two other dates to make holiday weekends longer, namely the Thursday before the Canada Day weekend. Note that the day, Tuesday, after Canada Day is declared a Monday; so this class will not meet that day. So this class will not prevent you from traveling the days before or after the big traffic jams :-).

Tentative Schedule


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Course Times and Locations:

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9:00am--11:50am in DC 2568


No textbook. Notes are provided at this Web site or are handed out in class.


Each student has to do the following:
  1. Do one of
  2. Write a conference-sized paper about the project or research.
  3. Give a 25 to 50-minute talk (the time is depending on the class size) based on the paper so that the whole class benefits from it, and the prof has one less lecture to do :-).

Please get your project or report topic approved by the prof before going too far into it, to make sure that it will be acceptable.

The due date for the project or report is Friday 28 July.

Possible Topics for Instructor and Students:

Possible Topics by Instructor and by Students

A Very Interesting Movie and Some Commentary on It:

Lecture Schedule

The list below represents the sequence of lectures as I see they will be given. As time goes on, I may change the order. Also as time goes on, I will see how they divide themselves up into dates.

If a topic has hot links, then the slides for the topic are available for downloading. If there are no hot links on a topic, the slides are not ready yet, and will be later, we hope, at least one day before the lecture.

The title itself is a hot link to a copy of its slides in Acrobat form (.pdf) or in Text form (.txt). These slides may not be exactly what I am showing on the screen during the lecture. The lecture may have material that I do not have the legal right to distribute multiple copies of.

Date Topic and Readings
07 May Tuesday
09 May Thursday
  5 Minute Description of Course
  First Day's Handout and Course Requirements
  Possible Topics by Berry and by students
  The Requirements Iceberg
  The Requirements Iceberg Bibliography
14 May Tuesday
  The Requirements Iceberg
  The Requirements Iceberg Bibliography
  Meeting Dates Worksheet
  Topic To Vote On
16 May Thursday
  The Requirements Iceberg
  The Requirements Iceberg Bibliography
  Empirical Studies in SE and RE
  Tradeoffs in SE and RE Experiments
21 May Tuesday
  Tradeoffs in SE and RE Experiments
  Sobel & Clarkson Paper
  Berry & Tichy On Sobel & Clarkson Paper
23 May Thursday
  The Prehistory and History of RE as Seen by Me
28 May Tuesday
  Background on Ambiguity in Requirements Specifications
  How Important is Ambiguity Detection? Background
30 May Thursday
  How Important is Ambiguity Detection? Solution
  Dumb Tools in RE
  Recall vs. Precision Panel Talk
04 June Tuesday
  Recall vs. Precision Panel Talk
  Emotion, Values, and Beliefs in RE
06 June Thursday
  Emotion, Values, and Beliefs in RE
11 June Tuesday
  Creativity in RE, EPMcreate, and POEPMcreate Tutorial
  Validation of Effectiveness of EPMcreate and POEPMcreate
13 June Thursday
  Optimal Team Size for Creativity
  Importance of Ignorance in RE: Niknafs Study
18 June Tuesday
20 June Thursday
25 June Tuesday
27 June Thursday
02 July Tuesday
  NO CLASS TODAY because it is a Monday
04 July Thursday
09 July Tuesday
  CLASS TODAY, 3 students, including: Spandan Chowdhury, Dishant Mittal, and Junhyeok Kim
  Spandan Chowdhury: Gamification of Requirements Engineering Processes: A Systematic Literature Review
  Dishant Mittal: Comparative Study of Traditional Requirement Engineering and Agile Requirement Engineering
  Junhyeok Kim: Cost of Prototyping in Architecture
  Daniel Berry: Lessons Learned from and for Requirements Engineering and Building Construction: A Case Study of Requirements Engineering for a Synagogue Kitchen with Use Cases and Scenarios
11 July Thursday
  CLASS TODAY, 3 students, including: Marian Boktor, Michael Samborski, and Yitong Li and Evaluate your Prof!
  Marian Boktor: Requirement Engineering for Databases and Data Cleaning
  Michael Samborski: Too Big To Trash (TBTT): Requirements Engineering of Perfective Maintenance
  Yitong Li: Prevalence of Precision and Recall in ICSE19 Papers
  Evaluate your Prof!
16 July Tuesday
  CLASS TODAY, 4 students, including: Manoj Sharma, Shuchita Singh, Antony Irudayaraj, and Noshin Sadat
  Manoj Sharma: Requirements of a Modern Database for Software Engineering
  Shuchita Singh: RE to Avoid Gender Bias
  Antony Irudayaraj: Requirement Engineering for Designing Efficient User Interfaces
  Noshin Sadat: Requirements for Persuasive Systems: Case Study of a Habit Changing Application
18 July Thursday
  CLASS TODAY, 4 students, including YiLun Bai, Prashanth T.K., Ishank Jain, and Umar Ahsan
  YiLun Bai: Case Study on UWaterloo's Quest
  Prashanth T.K.: Requirements Engineering for Healthcare Cybersecurity
  Ishank Jain: RE for Data Cleaning Using Machine Learning Techniques
  Umar Ahsan: Requirement Engineering for Upgrading Drilling and Blasting Analysis at ABC Ltd
23 July Tuesday
  CLASS TODAY, 4 students, including Varshanth R Rao, Johnathan DiMatteo, Bikramjeet Singh, and Priyansh Narang
  Varshanth R Rao: The Rat Race to Deploy AI Models --- The Problem of Being on Top of the Gartner Hype Cycle
  Johnathan DiMatteo: RE of Human Monitoring Aspect of Self-Driving Vehicles
  Bikramjeet Singh and Priyansh Narang: Machine Learning Problem Framework
25 July Thursday
  CLASS TODAY, 4 students, including ChangSheng Chen, Faisal Iqbal, Ritik Arora, and Ruoxi Zhang
  ChangSheng Chen: Evaluation of Example Tools For Hairy Tasks
  Faisal Iqbal: Case study of the Collections Application: Identification of flaws in development lifecycle including Requirements that Led to Flawed Architecture and Development
  Ritik Arora: Requirements Engineering in Cloud Computing
  Ruoxi Zhang: Understanding a Control System's Requirements and Its Specifications
30 July Tuesday
  CLASS TODAY, 4 students, including Karan Singh, Hardik Sahi, Ankith Prabhu, and Ashutosh Adhikari
  Karan Singh: End to End Framework for Developing Machine Learning Solution
  Hardik Sahi: Evaluation of Example Tools For Hairy Tasks
  Ankith Prabhu: Case Studies of Requirements Engineering for Medical Software
  Ashutosh Adhikari: Natural Language Processing For Requirements Engineering
02 August Friday: due date for the paper

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