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Welcome to the CO 480 Resources Page. Here is where you will find a bunch of resources I have created for my classes in CO 480. This is a history of mathematics course which I taught as a history of number theory class. In particular, I went through Diophantine Equations over history with Fermat's Last Theorem as the focal point, and discussed many people who had some influence in this problem over time. Hopefully these notes are of some value to the readers.


All the best and happy learning!

Carmen Bruni




I am not sure exactly how I want this page to look. For now I will put the information on here then likely modify the contents to be more in line with the Math 135 Resources Page. All course content such as assignments, solutions, marks, syllabus and instructions relating to the course project can be found on LEARN . Any content that relates to course lectures can be found here.


You might also find it useful to review some content form Math 135. Check out the Math 135 resources page for some reminders. In particular, check out the theorem reference sheet.


Check out this file for a LaTeX Primer. The file also includes some instructions as to how you can install this on your home computer.


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